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The episode starts with Daadaji pleading god what sin did he do in previous life that he got a son like Dushyanth. Dushyanth says if he has made sin, he has to face punishment. Daadaji continues crying and asks Dushyanth to give him poison. Daadi asks him not to, else Dushyanth will definitley give poison to him. Dushyanth says he is hungry walking outside whole night, so he is yelling. He asks Nirjhara to bring food for him.

He then asks Bhaskar to massage daadaji’s feet and says daadaji made mistake, so he punished him and now he is serving him as he is his dad. Servant comes and says Bhaskar’s mama has come with 4-5 people. Dushyanth calls Nirjhara and asks why did his brother come without informing. Nirjhara says he informed her via Bhaskar’s mobile when Dushyanth

had gone to delhi.

Sarojini reaches Mayank’s house. His mom greets her in with great respect and buttering.

Nirjhara’s brother enters with 4-5 people and Dushyanth asks why did he come. Brother says he has brought marriage proposal for Soumendra. Dushyanth asks if he has 500 rs change. Brother says yes and gives five 100 rs notes. Dushyanth says he has only 1000 rs notes at home and asks Bhaskar to bring sweets with this 500 rs and not add even 1 rs extra.

Soumendra writes poem for Sarojini and calls himself Mayank Pratapgarhi. He sends it to her, but she is with Mayank and his mom, so does not reply him. Soumendra nervously thinks why did not she reply.

Mayank’s mom starts her sugar-coated talks and says sarojini that mayank is her only son and if she marries him, she can rule like a queen in her house. She will get a shelter if she marries him and her mama/mami’s burden will lessen. Sarojini says maami has decided everything what she can say. Mom feeds her sweets and asks her to go and come back as a bride. Mayank sees repeatedly messages on her mobile and thinks who must be messaging Sarojini.

Nirjhara’s brother introduces a man as a rich landlord of Pratapgarh and wants to marry his daughter in a rich family. Man says since Dushyanth is very rich than him, he came with his daughter’s alliance. He shows his daughter’s video on tab in which she speaks in broken English.

Nirjhara’s brother/mama asks Dushyanth if he liked girl and says man that jijaji will start praises now. Dushyanth asks if he thinks his house is a circus that he wants to force anyone in. Man asks what does he mean. Dushyanth says he will speak to his saala/brother-in-law first. Saala says he wants an educated bahu for Soumendra for his family’s goodness. Dushyanth asks him to stand as a murga/cock as punishment and mama does same.

Mayank sees Saorjini getting repeatedly calls and forcefully takes her mobile to check. She asks him to return it as it is personal. He asks when they are marrying, what is personal in it. She asks him to return. He forcefully checks and sees Soumendra’s call and asks if she has even saved soumendra’s number. She says she saved to stop him from calling her and says if he does not believe her, then he should not marry her.

Soumendra gets sad waiting for sarojini’s reply and says he will make her as family’s bahu for sure.

Precap: Soumendra enters Sarojini’s house as a census officer and Sarojini gets nervous seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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