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Sarojini 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini that Brinjal had salt and gum in it and Dushyanth gave brinjal. Dadaji is shocked to hear that. Sarojini says she will inform Soumendra about it. Dadaji asks her not to disturb Soumendra until he gets well and says Dushyanth is trying to kill Soumendra’s love.

Nijrahara says Sarojini she has to perform rituals before meeting Soumendra. Dushyanth enters and says he spoke to his guru and guru said Sarojini should do prayschit/repention first and then perform rituals. He takes her to goshala/cow shed and asks her to feed cow first and then eat same food. Sarojini feeds cow and says she will not eat cow’s food. Dushyanth says it is prasad and she has to eat. Sarojini says it is leftover and she will not follow surperstitions. Dushyanth says that

is why he did not educate Indira and says she is flying high with her education. Dadi says as a repention, she should even drink cow urine. Nirjhara yells if she does not do prayschit, how will Soumendra get ready. Dushyanth gives her thali and asks her to eat it. Nirjhara hesitates. Sarojini asks how can he punish maaji without any mistake. He says someone has to repent, and since she takes care of kitchen, she will have to eat. Nirjhara is about to eat when Sarojini stops her and says it is her duty to not let anyone insult her elders. Dusyanth says how dramatic she is and asks her to eat it then. Dadaji says Sarojini she is right and should not eat. Sarojini says again she cannot let her elders insulted and will not tolerate Dushyanth wrong superstitions. She eats cow food while Dushyanth and her puppet smirk.

Sarojini in her room reminisces Soumendra’s love for her. Soumendra also reminsices same. Chadariya jeeli re jeeli re….song plays in the background. They reminisce how Dushyanth shot Soumendra. They both look at sky and imagine each other.

In the morning, while sipping tea, Dushyanth says after yesterday’s drama, Sarojini prepared nice tea. Sapna says she thinks Sarojini will not go from here easily. Dushyanth says nobody can stand in front of him. Nirjhara says she has to perform kali maa pooja. Daadi says they should force Sarojini to perform pooja. She calls Sarojini and says she has to perform kali pooja after taking bath and cannot go to washroom till pooja finishes. Nirjhara gives her sari. Sarojini says she will not wear this sari. Sarojini says she will wear only her sari. Dushyanth says he will not give her suitcase back.

Precap: Dushyanth asks Sarojini if she saw his key bunch. She says just like he does not know where her suitcase is, she should not know where his key bunch is. Dusyanth takes dadaji’s stick to beat her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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