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Sarojini 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini disguised as sardarji following Mannu to a secluded bungalow. She is shocked to see Soumendra tied to a chair. Mannu enters room and says Soumendra she had no other go than kidnapping him. Sarojini continues watching via window. Dushyanth calls him and says his men are searching Soumendra. Sarojini says there is no need to search Soumendra as Mannu has kept him in a bungalow after kidnapping him and she is outside bungalow.
Soumendra lures Mannu that he loves her a lot and had to lie and send her out of his house as Sarojini warned that she will kill her if he does not accept to her demands. Manu gets very happy and dances on doodh banjawungi..malai… Soumendra asks to free him now.

Mannu’s men capture Sarojini and bring her inside bungalow. Mannu removes Sarojini’s moustache and beard and asks if she came to die here, she came in between her and Soumendra always. She asks her men to cut Sarojini into pieces with motorized saw. His men pin down Sarojini and start motorized saw.

Soumendra frees himself. Mannu comes and says Sarojini is here. She takes him to the room. Soumendra gets angry seeing this. Sarojini gets happy seeing him. Soumendra snatches gun from Mannu’s hand, points gun at her and asks to free Sarojini. Mannu orders her men to free Sarojini. Sarojini runs and hugs Soumendra. Soumendra gets emotional and they both express their love. Mannu gets devastated seeing their love, snatches gun and says she will kill Soumendra if he is not hers. Dushyanth enters.

Precap: Dusyanth throws gun on Sarojini. She catches it and shoots Mannu. Dushyanth asks why did she kill Mannu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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