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Sarojini 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra playing holi with family. He asks Indira about Samar and she says he did not return home yet. She tries to snatch his pichkari and he says it is only his. She asks where is bhabhi. He says even he is searching her. Daadi says she must have gone out with Nirjhara. Nirjhara comes and says even she did not see Sarojini. Bhaskar snatches pichkari and runs. Soumendra runs behind him. Family picks pichkaris and spray colors on each other. Soumendra picks his pichkari and is about to push rod when Sarojini comes running and throws it far away. Bomb blasts. Komal sees bomb blast and tells Gulabo that Dushyanth’s whole family is finished. Gulabo cries and asks if he did this. He laughs.

Whole family is in a shock. Soumendra hugs Sarojini and

checks if she is fine. Komal enters. Soumendra asks who did this. Komal says he did this as he knows how he killed Munna and took his place. Soumendra shouts he will not spare him now for trying to kill his family. Komal asks not to ever think as he will die today. Soumendra rushes to beat him, but Komal pulls out gun. Samar reaches with police and inspector shoots Komal’s hand. Gun falls down. Samar complains inspector that he is trying to kill family and blasted bomb just now. Inspector arrests Komal and takes him along. Gulabo cries vigorously. Nirjhara and Sarojini console her. Nirjhara says her own sons destroyed her life. Sarojini says she has to be strong and get Komal out of crime.

In the morning, Sarojini serves tea to family. Daadaji says he needs snacks. Sarojini shows property papers. Soumendra says he will get them registered tomorrow. Daadaji praises Sarojini. Daadi says all problems are because of her. Soumendra to divert attention says tomorrow is special day. Sarojini thinks he is talking about her birthday. He says tomorrow is India-Pakistan match and they will all watch it. Sarojini gets angry and goes to her room. Soumendra follows and tries to kiss her. She ges ball andasks to kiss this. He goes down and asks family not to let Sarojini know about her surprise birthday party. Daadi says she cannot hide. Sarojini comes and says she should not and rest. Soumendra thanks god that she did not realize about their plans. Whole family acts.

Precap: Sarojini murmurs she has to praise herself and inform everyone about her birthday. She asks family what is date today. Bhaskar says 20th and if it is special. She says today is birthday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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