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Sarojini 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra sadly waving good bye to family and leaving to complete his studies to Delhi. Sarojini looks at door and gets in. Tarika after her usual one-liner thinks Soumendra is gone now and plays with tennis ball. Sapna catches ball and asks who is playing ball at home. Tarika takes ball from her and thinks next is Sapna’s turn.

Samar throws food on servant and asks why did not he prepare 4 days food instead of 3 and why did not he add ghee in dal. Servant says he will prepare fresh food. Samar shouts at him and sends hm from there. He silently looks around, opens room door, keeps food inside and leaves after locking door. Indira sees everything hiding and tries to peep into room climbing a chair. She slips, but Samar holds it and asks if she is fine.

She apologizes for peeping into door and asks what is inside and why he took so much food in. He lashes her with hunter and she pleads to forgive him.

Tarika calls midwife and does Sapna’s checkup. Midwife says Sapna cannot become mother at all. Sarojini asks midwife what test did she do. Midwife fells her experience is enough and leaves. Sapna says she got her examined by doc earlier and report says she can get pregnant. Sarojini checks report. Tarika snatches report and tears it. She takes Sapna to cow shed, ties her to pole, and says if Sapna stays around pregnant cow for 1 week, even she will become fertile like cow.

Sarojini says how will she get pregnant staying here. Daadi shouts not to oppose Tarika. Tarika says it is her order. Sapna says if she does not get pregnant, Tarika will not let her stay here. Sarojini says nobody can stop her from staying in her house. Tarika says her remedy is 100% fool proof and she should stop interfering and asks Bhaskar to take Sarojini from there. Bhaskar says Sarojini is right and Tarika is wrong. Tarika shouts. Sarojini frees Sapna and takes her along. Tarika fumes and thinks she will shatter Dushyanth’s family completely.

Samar applies ointment on Nirjhara’s wounds and asks why does she force him to punish her. She cries and says she wants to go her parent’s home. Samar says this is her house and she cannot go out.

Dadaji gets happy seeing Tarika not at home. Sarojini serves tea and Dadaji says tea is tasting good without Tarika today and hopes she does not return back. Nirjhara asks Sarojini if she spoke to Soumendra. Sarojini says his phone is not reachable. Nirjhara says battery must be down and he will call back after charging phone.

Tarika goes to cabaret dancer’s home. People who are enjoying dance says it is male’s party. Tarika scolds them. They say she cannot convince dancer. She says she knows how to convince anyone.

Precap: Tarika brings cabaret dancer home. Dadaji shouts to get her out. Tarika says she is his new bahu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This show is starting to make no sense. They send Dushyant in jail because he set up to get her out the house with all his illegal tricks …BUT….this woman dishing out physical abuse to EVERYONE, attempting to kill different family members and NOBODY eh see fit to call the real police for her!??!?! Please don’t let this show become shitty like the rest….it is one of the few shows I could still watch on Zee without being highly annoyed.

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