Sarojini 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini running towards police station to give video evidence against Tarika and Soumendra to police. She asks god why is he examining her so much. She then thinks Tarika is in hospital and may harm Nirjhara. She calls Indira, but Tarika takes phone and goes aside. Nirjhara tells that Tarika brought Munna who is Soumendra’s duplicate to harm family, she should be with maaji as Tarika may harm her. Tarika says she gave her good idea and asks her to come and give video evidence right now, else she will switch of Nirjhara’s ventilator. She then goes and tells dadaji that someone experienced should be with Nirjhara, so she will go and sit in her room. She enters room and tells nurse that doc is calling her. Nurse walks out. She then walks towards ventilator

machine and is about to switch it off when Sarojini enters with docs. Tarika changes her tone and show concern for Nirjhara. Doc says specialist has come and asks them to go out. Tarika murmurs in Sarojini’s ears to come out silently and takes her out.

Dadaji asks how is Nirjhara. Tarika says specialist is checking her and they are going to bring medicins. Indira requests Sarojini to stay back as Indira is on ventilator and they are all worried. Sarojini asks her not to worry. Tarika drags her out. Sarojini tries to run, but Tarika’s goons surround her. Tarika shouts they are her goons and she cannot escape. She laughs in her usual evil style. Sarojini picks mud and throws on them and runs. Tarika and her goons follow her, but she hides in a shop. She then sees Shanti nagar board and thinks Soumendra is in this area and she needs to find him. Tarika with goons also reaches Santi nagar and orders goons to find her soon. Sarojini then gets into auto and leaves. Tarika with goons continues searching her.

Sarojini gets out of auto. Driver asks her money. Se says she does not have money and is in trouble. Driver insists, and she gives her gold ring. Tarika also reaches on jeep and surrounds her with her goons. She forcefully gets her into jeep and takes her to a godown. She then tortures Sarojini and asks to give camera. Sarojini says she will not give. Tarika says she will kill Soumendra and Nirjhara now and orders goons to tie her up. She searches her, takes camera and leaves.

Docs give defibrillator shocks to Nirjhara to revive her. Sarojini thinks she has to escape from here somehow. A goon tells other goons that Tarika’s bahu is very beautiful and they should not tie her. Other goons warn him not to get romantic, else Tarika will not spare him. They all leave to have food leaving him to guard Sarojini. He enters and touches Sarojini lustfully. She shouts not to touch her. He says why should not he and laughs. She pushes him, frees herself and runs out. Nirjhara’s pulse drops and docs signal that she is no more.

Precap: Precap will be updated soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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