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The episode starts with Soumendra getting into Sarojini’s taxi. She asks him to get out of taxi. He says he will not until she listens to him. She thinks if Mayank sees her with Soumendra, he will inform maami and she will create another problem. She agrees to listen to him. He gets out of taxi and asks to follow her.

Mayank tells his mom that Sarojini has govt job and it is not easy to ge it. His job is temporary and he has changed 5 jobs in 4 years. If he marries her, he can enjoy even her salary. Mom says he would have told her before as she scolded Sarojini a lot. She suggests him to bring her home and she will make her agree to marry him with her sugar-coated talks. He calls sarojini, but she does not pick her call. Mom asks her to ask maami to send Sarojini here.


follows Soumendra and once they pass by coffee shop, she says he can talk to her there. He thinks how can he talk to her in public and asks her to continue following. They reach park. Sarojini gets maami’s call and says she is still in school. Soumendra says she did good by lying to maami. She then gets her friend’s call and discusses about her appointment letter. Once she turns back, she does not find Mayank. She is shocked to see I love you written with flowers on grass and Soumendra kneeling down says I love you teacher ji holding red rose. She asks what is all this, if he is in his senses. He says she has done magic on him that he is madly in love with her. She asks him to stop his misbehavior. He says it is his love for her and not misbehavior. She asks him to keep his bakwas for himself and says she is his teacher and BEd pass and he is not even 10th pass, he should respect teacher and student’s relationship. He says he respects her a lot.

Mayank calls her and says he is waiting for her outside school. She says she has already left and is about to reach home. Soumendra asks if she is so angry on him, then why did she tell lie to Mayank. He snatches her mobile, dials his number and asks to save it. She says she will not and leaves. He saves her number as meri jaan and thinks Sarojini has a lot of attitude and whole Pratapgarh will praise his choice.

Daadi cries thinking daadaji did not come home since whole night and tells Nirjhara and Sapna that he must have come under rail. Nirjhara asks her not to worry and says if she had controlled Dushyanth in childhood, she would not have seen this day. Daadi cruses Dushyanth… Dushyanth with Bhaskhar forcefully brings daadaji home. Daadaji says he does not want to stay in his house. Dushyanth orders him to stay inside, else he will tie him to cot. Daadaji says he must have done a sin in his previous life, so he got Dushyanth as a son.

Mayank reaches Sarojini’s home and sees her not yet reached. He provokes maami and she tries to call him. Sarojini comes home. Mayank shouts where she had been. She says she was with her friend. He asks who is this friend whom she meets everyday and says he wants to meet her. She gets tensed. Maami changes her tone and asks Sarojini to go and meet Mayank’s mom. Sarojini says she is tired. Maami says she does not have to cook there. Maama comes and asks where she is sending Sarojini. Maami says bhabhi wants to meet Sarojini. Mami permits Sarojini to go. Maami asks Sarojini not to create scene regarding marriage there as anyways she will have to marry Mayank. Sarojini thinks she will not.

Precap: Sarojini gets Soumendra’s calls repeatedly. Mayank sees soumendra’s name and fumes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls what is meri Jaan?

    1. My love

  2. I love Soumendra. I’m glad Sarojini didn’t entertain the proposal even though it was sweet of him. She’s still a teacher and him a student. Besides he needs to make himself worthy of Sarojini’s love.

  3. woow ilove somendra and sarojini,s jodi they are cute yaar

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