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Scene 1:
Location: Rangeela Lodge
Sarojini and rishab are shocked to see police in their room. they are eyed suspiciously, as they are under arrest due to a raid. he intervenes, and says that they arent involved in wrong stuff. the police asks if this is his wife. he looks at her, and then says that she is his wife. he shows his photo id when asked. the police asks for her too. she blurts out that they are just friends, but it isnt what they are thinking. the police reprimands him for lying. she tries to vehemently protest her innocence, but she is asked to shut up, as all guilty say so. Rishab introduces himself, and then says that they are caught in helplessness. but the police forcibly take them away. they again try to protest their innocence, and how they come from reputed families. rishab

also tries to make him talk to the commissioner. the police warns him not to threaten him of seniors, and asks him to stay shut, or he shall be chargesheeted with various offences.

Meanwhile, the aunt enquires if the plan is going smooth, and her person informs that the raid has been planted as told, and that the next stage of the plan is in action. she is amused. In the drawing room, granny is incredibly tensed, and reprimands nirjhara for sending them. dadaji asks them not to worry as soon everything shall be right. nirjhara tries the number, but it doesnt get through. they wonder what to do. dadaji asks what did rishab say exactly on the phone. nirjhara says that they couldnt understand properly. the aunt assures that everything shall be okay. but they are all tensed. the doorbell rings and they rush to expect bhaskar coming inside. they are all disappointed. bhaskar is told everything, and dadaji asks him to come along so that they can search. bhaskar asks him not to bother, as they can go in the morning, and maybe rishab and sarojini got stuck in some work and hence are delayed. they get a phone call, and nirjhara hurriedly picks it up, thinking its sarojini. but its the man who is planning with the aunt, and he asks sarojini’s rate for one night, which knocks the winds our of nirjhara’s lungs. nirjhara screams and asks how dare he. he then asks her to see the news, and then confirm to him the rate for sarojini, so that he can also avail her services. she is aghast. she then narrates this to the people, who are shocked. dadaji refuses to believe it completely.

As they are escorted out, along with other couples, they are misconstrued, to be one of those infamous and infidel couples, for a one night stand. he asks sarojini to hide her face with a cloth, so that she isnt seen in the media, as they arent aware of the truth yet but she vehemently insists that when she hasnt done anything wrong, then why should as they are seated in the jeep, rishab is identified by reporters who throng him with questions, while he tries to save face. the police says that such rich, spoilt brats are seen with such promiscous ladies only. he asks him not to talk about a girl like this, without even knowing the full truth and stands up for her. sarojini is agahst. meanwhile, sarojini’s family sees it broadcasted live on television, and is shocked and agahst. the aunt smirks. they are stunned to hear lewd, insulting and embarassing questions about rishab and sarojini. dadaji is shocked. granny reprimands and curses sarojini. bhaskar says that it doesnt seem, what it looks like, and maybe its a conspiracy to intimidate them by the people who want the case taken back. the aunt asks them not to take tension, as she knows the commissioner, and she shall talk to him, and then if possible, get their bail done.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Back home, in the vehice, rishab is relieved that they came out scot free, due to the aunt’s timely call with the commissioner. sarojini is crying uncontrollably. she is asked by him not to cry and behave like this. then she breaks down saying that, she couldnt even imagien her name linked with anyone other than soumu, as she has been devoted to him entirely. she says that she isnt afraid of her family’s ire, but she is upset about the humiliation that they shall have to face due to her. he asks her to remember how she had been unafraid that she isnt wrong, then why is she so tensed. he somehow manages to console her.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Rishab arrives back home with sarojini finally. but the people start leering at them, casting aspersions on sarojini’s character. they start pointing out her double character, and what has she done, after he died. rishab again stands up for her, and asks them not to believe the media. the people also say that maybe she wanted this, hence killed soumu. she asks them to shut up, as they only know, how to joke about others’ pain. she begs them not to mix spices into totally unrelevant things. but they continue lewdly talksing about her, and that they shouldnt allow her to stay, since she would be a wrong influence. they also point out rishab’s illegitimate stay in the house. the aunt comes and asks them that they should be ashamed to even think like that. she asks how could they talk like this, having known her for so long. the family is embarassed. but the ladies continue on. dadaji asks them to shut, as their daughter and bahus are mannered. granny too curses the ladies, and says that sarojini must have landed by mistake. one of them says that people never reach there by mistake. nirjhara and everyone else too stands up for sarojini, and the aunt threatens that she shall call the police and file a case against her. she shoves them all out. the crowd disperses, while sarojini is distraught and apalled, as she hugs nirjhara while she consoles her. granny asks them all to go inside, as its been enough drama.

Inside, dadaji asks how this happened. rishab narrates everything, while all hear. nirjhara says that the voice wasnt clear. granny asks what was the need, as it brougth unnecessary insult. he says that he had no idea the lodge is like that, and that due to wrong fate, they landed in the wrong people at the wrong time. dadaji says that they believe that they cant do something heinous. sarojini tries to say something, but nirjhara says that she neednt clarify, as they trust her, and asks her to go and rest. the aunt is tensed. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As sarojini steps out, much against the will of nirjhara and granny, the ladies of the locality grab her, and then say that they wont let a lady of such character be an influence on them, and hence she wont be allowed to stay here. rishab finally intervenes, and then says that all of this ruckus is because she was with a stranger, in the room. he grabs her hand and takes her on the road, while everyone follows her boggled and wondering what he is upto. he takes the vermillion from the hanuman temple, by the banyan tree, and dons it on sarojini’s forehead, while all are left agape. sarojini is dumbstruck and too stunned to react.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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