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Sarojini 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indira informing Sarojini that Soumendra wants her prepared dishes. Sarojini says Soumendra cannot have spicy food. Indira says Soumendra will not listen. Sarojini moves away from stove to get dishes when Indira goes near stove and brinjal bursts. Indira’s hands burn and she shouts. Whole family runs into kitchen and sees Indira shouting in pain. Sarojini brings cold water and dips Indira’s hand in it. Dushyanth thinks he wanted to burn Sarojini, but his daughter got burnt instead. Whole family starts yelling at Sarojini. Dadaji sees Sarojini’s hands also burnt. Indira says bhabhi saved her instead. Dushyanth drags Sarojini yelling at her out of kitchen into lawn. Dadaji stops him and says everybody is yelling at Sarojini, but nobody saw her burns.

He asks her what happened. She says she does not know how brinjal burst. Nirjhara shouts that she purposefully mixed something in brinjal and sent Indira in front of stove. Sarojini says she did not do anything.

Dushyanth yells at Sarojini that she tried to burn Indira Devi and she is a big sinner. Sarojini again repeats she did not do anything and will go and clean kitchen. Soumendra hears sounds and tries to come down. Nirjhara rushes and asks him to rest. He asks what is happening. She says Sarojini tried to burn Indira.

In Indira’s room, Sapna tries to provoke her that Sarojini wants to kill her. Indira says bhabhi tried to save her instead and even she got burn, she is surprised how can brinjal burn. Sapna says it is Sarojini’s plan. Indira says she does not believe. Sapna thinks Indira is right, how can brinjal burst, something is wrong.

Sarojini cleans kitchen and finds pieces of salt in brinjal pieces and gum and realizes someone had cut brinjal and stuffed salt in it.

Dushyanth discusses with his puppets that if Soumendra will know about their plans, he will walk out with Sarojini from this house, so they have to plan carefully and kick out Sarojini from here.

Sarojini tells Dadaji that brinjal was stuffed with salt and gum and whole kitchen was spread with salt, in this house and Dushyanth gave brinjal to her. Dadaji says Dushyanth can do anything. Sarojini says she has decided to stop this once for all and inform Soumendra.

Precap: Dushyanth asks Sarojini to add food to cow and then eat from it. Sarojini says she will not eat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this is nonsense come on sarojini don’t be weak stand up to this man it high time now some1 need to put he in his place and that some1 is u he is overdoing it now actually they whole family need to learn some discipline n manners despite being women they are encourage wrong things to happen to a next woman.u see women like them these does make the men them take advantage on next women out there

  2. sarojini plz teach him a lesson

  3. This is ridiculous, cannot believe Somendra didn’t hear the blast but heard people arguing!

  4. Yeah I thought sarojini will shut him up but it seems she lost all strength infornt of him

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