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Sarojini 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini telling Soumendra that they should inform Komal that Munna is dead before someone informs him and he troubles their family. Soumendra says they should wait for the right time and make him realize that Munna died because of his own mistake.

Indira calls Samar’s mobile number, but his mobile is switched off. She gets tensed and goes down and informs Nirjhara that Samar is not picking phone and she is worried. Nirjhara says he must be business with work and will come back. Indira says he is working for Komal and they all know how Komal is. Komal is seen walking from home. Sarojini thinks why is he going hurriedly.

Komal meets his goon who gives him holi pichkari with bomb fixed in it and says once rod is pullled, it will blast. Komal thinks now Sarojini will see how it is to lose dear ones.

Soumendra’s family discuss about holi arrangements and write list of guests. Komal enters. Dadaji reminds him that tomorrow is registration. Komal says don’t be excited and let us concentrate on holi celebration first. Inspector comes with team and asks who is Komal. Komal says he is. Inspector says he came inquire after sealing his shop and asks what business he does and in whose name it is. Komal says doll business and it is in his brother Munna’s name who has gone out. Inspector leaves asking to inform when he comes. Family looks at him and he says nothing will happen to Munna and they should concentrate on holi celebrations.

Holi celebrations start. Whole family enjoys holi with guests. Sarojini is tried to a chair with mouth shut. Komal enters and says he knows Munna is dead and Soumendra is culprit, so Soumendra and whole family will die today once pichkari rod is pulled. He keeps window open for her to watch scene out side and leaves. He goes out and sees Gulabo and Nirjhara playing holi and asks Gulabo to stop playing holi with her son’s relatives and attend their guests. He takes her out and leaves in jeep. Soumendra brings pichkaris in a bucket and distributes to family. Bhaskar takes his pichkari and runs.

Precap: Sarojini gets tensed seeing Soumendra and whole family playing with pickari and prays god to save her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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