Sarojini 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini walking out of jail sadly after hearing that Soumendra is already hanged. She thinks how to inform family about his death. She reaches home where Indira informs her about Nirjhara’s illness and being taken to hospital. Sarojini reaches hospital with Indira and Sarojini. Dadaji cries where she had been and asks her to go and meet doc.

Tarika takes Sarojini aside and shouts how dare she is to come back. Sarojini says Soumendra is dead now and she cannot frighten her for his life, now she will protect Soumendra’s family from her evil and see how low she can stoop. Dadaji calls Sarojini and says doc has come. Sarojini leaves. Tarika calls Munna and informs that Sarojini knows that Soumendra is dead and she warned to ruin them. Munna informs that Soumendra eloped from jail and is alive. Tarika asks to find him and kill. Sarojini hears that and gets happy.

Doc informs Sarojini that Nirjhara’s condition is still unstable. Sarojini thinks she should expose Tarika and Munna in front of everyone. She is about to inform dadaji when Tarika drags her away and asks what did she get that she is boasting so much. Sarojini says she got their recording and will give it as proof to police and save Soumendra. Camera falls down and Tarika tries to pick it, but Sarojini holds her hand, picks camera and leaves. Tarika calls Munna and asks to find out Sarojini and kill her before she reaches police station.

Tarika taunts dadaji that Sarojini is so careless that she went out even after knowing Nirjhara’s critical condition. Indira says bhabi must have got some work, else she would be with maa. Sarojini calls her just then. Tarika takes phone and goes aside. Sarojini informs that Tarika brought imposter Munna and replaced him with Soumendra to harm their family and she is worried that she will harm maaji. Tarika says she gave her a good idea and now she will see her maaji dying.

Precap: Tarika warns Sarojini to bring back camera, else she will disconnect Nirjhara’s respirator machine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. not watching this serial also until the writers start to do what is right for the viewers these writers had ample time to fix these serials and give us something good to watch at so for now that is it until the writers start thinking good and not evil

  2. Too much violence against sarojini not looking at it until something good is shown

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