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Sarojini 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu seeing Susie touching Nirjhara’s feet and asking when she is not related too her, how can she touch feet. Susie says she is giving respect to aunty ji. Nirjhara asks what problem she has. Susie asks this is how she respects her mother-in-law. Manu says she respects, but does not show it. Susie asks to touch feet and show respect. Manu does. Susie says she shuld rub her nose on floor and apologize if she wants to go on a world tour with her. Manu does same and thinks she has to this for a foreign trip. Nirjhara gets happy.

Dushyanth scolds Soumendra that when he is already married, he cannot look at Susie, then says if he thinks he will tell this, then he is wrong. He can do whatever he likes and once Susie is also in love with him, he will get

them married.

Sarojini tells Manu that she cannot take her to foreign as she got shot once. Manu says someone shot her and she is feeling pain, even then she is blamed. She pleads Susie to do something as she has to see London. Susie says she cannot help and suggests to think Pratapgarh as London. She walks with Nirjhara towards home while Manu fumes.

Susie reaches home with Nirjhara. Soumendra throws flower on her. She scolds to be in limits in front of people. Dushyanth tells Susie that Soumendra loves her and even he wants them to marry, but their bad luck Manu manhoos/inauspicious is already married to Soumendra, so he cannot do anything. She thinks if this is same babuji who was against her and favored Manu.

During dinner, Susie acts as speaking over phone to her mom and says nobody is coming from India and she is coming back soon. She joins family on dining table. Manu pleads to take her to London. Susie says Dushyanth after Indira’s wedding, she will take them all to London. Dushyanth says he heard London is very expensive city. She says not to worry about expenses. Dadaji, Dadi and everyone happily discuss their plans. Manu angrily goes to her room and shouts that every family is going to London except her because of her bullet wound.

In the morning, Susie calls visa officers. Manu pleads Susie to get her Visa also. Officers ask to call visa appliers soon. Dadi, Dada, Bhaskar and Sapna come wearing modern outfits with goggles and caps. Susie is surprised to see their new look. Dadi says she is getting visa for first time, so she got ready well. Officer takes everyone’s thumb impressions. Manu requests Susie to do something. Susie asks to try herself. Officer says she can go. Manu dances. Officer says after 6 month as she has to get medical checkup and affidavits. Manu gets sad.

Manu pleads at night again to take her to London. Sarojini says she cannot with bullet wound. Manu says she just lied as per Dushyanth and Sangram’s plan and shows her clean shoulder.

Precap: Soumendra hears Manu’s confession on Sarojini’s mobile and says he will ask babuji. Susie calls on Dushyanth’s number and asks if she can speak to Soumendra. Dushyanth sees Sarojini’s mobile number and asks how did she get Sarojini’s number.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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