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Dushyanth sees dog drinking his milk and shouts. Dog runs out. Daadaji comes back and asks what happened. Dushyanth starts misbehaving with dad and asks if he is dad or a curse for him. Daadi comes hearing his shout and asks why is he misbehaving with his dad. He pushes dad out of house and orders him to stay out whole night as a punishment for letting dad in.

Soumendra enjoys dinner listening to love songs and happily tells friend that he is madly in love with Sarojini. He starts drinking water in Sarojini’s cup. Friend says it is for drinking tea/coffee. Soumendra says it is sarojini’s cup and is very special. he imagines sarojini in cup.

Soumendra reaches school and students asks what happened to his head. He says he fought with goons. Sarojini enters and asks how

did he injure his head. Soumendra says he skid off his bike. Sarojini reminisces Soumendra fighting with goons. Principal enters with evaluators and asks students how Sarojini teaches. Everyone in a monotonous voice say very good. Soumendra says even he is interested in studies now because of Sarojini. Principal asks evaluators to question children. Children says they don’t miss even a single class of Sarojini. Principal praises Sarojini. Sarojini addresses children and says they helped her a lot in her training and from tomorrow she will not come. Soumendra says she has to teach them. Sarojini says she had come here for training and her training is finished. She wishes students for their brighter future and says good bye.

Soumendra follows her out of class and says he will not let her go until she promises to come back. Sarojini asks him to understand that her training is finished. He says he saved her from goons and today she has to listen to him. She says if he really respect her, then he should stop this drama and let her go.

Soumendra says he will leave studies if she goes. She says he also should pass and move out from this school. He says when she has to teach, then why not in this school, he will talk to principal and even go on dharna. She says she cannot stay and there are many teachers to teach him. She asks how did he get head injury. He asks if she will stay back if he tells. She says bye and says she is happy to see changes in him and is confident that he will pass soon. She says bye and walks out looking at him once. Soumendra feels devastated and reminisces holding her, she asking him to study and become and good human and many more events. Noor-e-khuda……plays in the background.

His friend students see him sad and asks reason. He says he does not want Sarojini to go. They say teachers come and go, why is he so tensed. He says he does not, but he will not let her go and runs outside school to stop her. She sees him weirdly, so he starts talking to a sudent. She turns back and he turns against her. She comes in front and asks why is he following her. He says he feels if she goes, he thinks air will stop blowing, he will stop breathing, etc. She says he should not be so sentimental. He says he does not know, but will stop her at any cost and asks for a coffee. She says no and gets into taxi. He also gets into taxi. She thinks if Mayank or someone sees soumendra creating havoc, mami will create another problem, so it is better to go with Soumendra.

Precap: Soumendra proposes Sarojini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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