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Sarojini 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth ordering Sarojini to apply clay paste on clay stove. Sarojini picks clay and gets pricked by glass strands. Nirjhara says something must have fallen by mistake and if she cannot apply clay paste, she will do it. Sapna taunts that city girls are very soft. Dushyanth says if she does not apply clay paste, she will not get food. Dada asks Sarojini to leave it as her hand is bleeding. Sarojini says she will and continues apply clay paste.

Indira applies ointment to Sarojini’s palm wounds. Dushyanth and her puppets peep from behind pillar and discuss that Indira also came under Sarojini’s sugar coated talks, but they will not spare Sarojini easily. Sapna brings chilli powder, tumeric, salt, etc., and asks Sarojini to prepare pickle masala.

Indira says Sarojini’s hand is wounded, how can she mix pickle masala. Sapna says she has to as she agreed to cook today. Sarojini says she will, wears plastic cover on her hands and mixes spices. Dushyanth tells his puppets that Sarojini is intelligent like him. Indira praises Sarojini that she handled situation well and is very intelligent.

Dushyanth comes out and asks Sarojini to pick thali and follow him to store room. He warns sarojini to stand outside door and never enter without his permission. He gives her vegetables worth 1 person and asks to prepare food for everyone. Sarojini asks how can she prepare food for somany people with these vegetables. He says they have been eating less since ages and are very healthy. Sarojini says she cannot prepare food for so many people. Sapna taunts that she came from city and is overacting. Sarojini says she cannot and leaves keeping thali in table. Dushyanth thinks he has to teach her a lesson.

Dushyanth and puppets get happy seeing Sarojini missing and think she must have gone back to Delhi. Sarojini comes with Dadaji from market holding vegetable bags. Dadi asks why did she bring so many vegetables. Sarojini says it is for today. Dushyanth says these are 1 month’s worth vegetables. Sarojiini says she is preparing food for the first time here, so she bought it from her money.

Sarojini starts cooking food. Sapna and Nirjhara’s mouth waters smelling dishes. Indira comes and asks even if they came hearing pleasant smell. They deny and walk out. Indira praises Sarojini that she prepare so many dishes in 30 min. Sarojini says she prepared soup for Soumendra and requests her to serve him. Indira takes soup to Soumendra’s room and he asks if madamji prepared it. She says yes. He asks why did not she come. She says sarojini is busy in kitchen. He asks if she has prepared other dishes, she can bring some. She asks how can she. He says he used to get her gauva hiding from family, now she should do him a favor. Indira agrees and leaves.

Dushyanth buys a big brinjal, adds an explosive in it, goes to kitchen and asks Sarojini to prepare baigan bharta if she can, else he will ask amma to prepare it. Sarojini says she will on gas. Dushyanth gives her baigan and leaves smirking.

Indira comes and asks Sarojini to give some dishes for Soumendra. Sarojini says he cannot have spicy food. Indira says Soumendra will not listen. Sarojini agrees and moves to give her dishes. Indira waits in front of stove and brinjal bursts. She shouts. Daadi thinks Sarojini did something and runs towards kitchen.

Precap: Dushyanth tells Nirjhara and Daadi they have to plan something to kick Sarojini out of house without Soumendra’s attention.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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