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Sarojini 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini coming out of bathroo and searching her wig tensely. Nirjhara brings it and asks if she is searching this. Sarojini gets tensed. Nirjhara gives wig to her and asks her to get ready and come down for Indira’s haldi .

Nirjhara gets Indira ready and brings her for haldi. Sarojini/susie praises that she is looking very beautiful. Ye kaun bola Manu says it is her haldi also today. Susie calls her manager and asks to call 100 crores transfer to Manu’s account. Manu asks why. Susie says if she applies haldi, her face will be dry and US people think dry skin is a disease and will not permit her in. Manu imagines airport personnel kicking her out and shouts. She says she will not apply haldi today.

Child who picked wig insists his mom to get a hair cap. She tells daadi she does not know what child is talking about. Child sees Susie and asks to give her cap. Susie gives cap. Child says he needs hair ca. Susie gets tensed. Confused daadi takes child to give toy.

Indira’s haldi starts. Manu says Samar has sent letter for Indira. Nirjhara asks her to give it to Sarojini. Manu asks ye kaun bola, where is Sarojini. Nirjhara says she is habituated to call Sarojini. Susie takes letter and reads that Indira’s face will get dry after haldi, so she should apply his sent cream with which her skin will be soft like butter. Indira gets shy hearing that. Samar is seen apply haldi himself alone. Indira’s haldi ritual continues with ladies dancing and singing.

After ceremony, Nirjhara takes Susie and asks why did not she tell she is her bahu and let her weep in front of her. Susie/Sarojini says she became a bit selfish, but she loves her a lot as she gave her motherly love. She came back to get back respect of this family’s women. Ye kaun bola Manu comes there.

Precap: Soumendra gets romantic with Sarojini/Susie. Manu sees them together and says ye kaun bola, what are they doing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Show is going interesting now…
    I think Indira ka hone wala husband phsyo hai…. anyway when Sarojini/suise is there no fear for indira….

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