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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
The aunt comes in while rishab is tensed, and says that there was a meeting in delhi due next week, but she postponed it, to the next time, he can make himself free. he immediately says that she shouldnt have done that, as professionalism is paramount in business, and that he can easily go, and if he cant, he can call the investors here to have the meeting. she commends him on his loyalty, and that he is so passionate about his work, and one the other hand, sarojini. he asks what happened. she talks about the deal that she let go, and how she felt sad about it. she then leaves. he starts thinking on it, and rushes out. Meanwhile, the aunt enters and then pours water over his mobile phone.

In her room, sarojini is irritated at the short timing

of the meeting. rishab comes in saying that busienss deals are made like that only, and asks her why she denied. she says that the place is very far for her to go alone. he offers to go along. she says that she wouldnt want to bother him. he says that its no issue, but they mustnt let go of this oppurtunity. nirjhara complies too, saying that she would be assured that sarojini is safe. sarojini says that she shall take a policeinspector too. he asks wouldnt it sound strange, and that he is enough to handle any adversity. nirjhara asks them to leave. they comply. Meanwhile, the aunt stealthily enters sarojini’s room, and tampers with the battery of her phone too, so that it is rendered useless. then she walks out.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sarojini leaves with rishab, and informs the distributor that she would reach soon, and is on her way. he says that this deal is final, as he is with her. she is cheerful. he likes loud music. While playing music in the car, sarojini is irritated to hear loud music, and they both start arguing as to what kind of music shall be put on. they both place their hands together on the radio to stop it. their eyes meet, as their hands meet, and an awkward pause follows.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Meawhile, the aunt calls someone, and says that rishab and sarojini’s pics, along with their car numbers have been sent, and very soon, the work should be finished, at the first oppurtunity, and ensure that rishab is nowhere near, as if he is around, the work wont be done. suddenly, she hears nirjhara standing behind her, and is shocked, wondering whether she heard everything. nirjhara says that since sarojini went for business deal, hence she wanted to prepare something special, and hence came to ask for her choice. the aunt distracts her saying that right now, she needs a cup of fresh green tea. nirjhara complies and leaves. the aunt smirks.

Scene 4:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira yet again finds samar cajoling and clocking pics with jhumki, in his bedroom. she is aghast at the indifferent attitude of her husband and rushes out and cries in her room.

Scene 5:
Location: Deserted Location
Rishab and sarojini arrive at a lonely location. sarojini calls and gets to know that due to emergency work, the meeting has been cancelled. she asks how can he cancel the meeting, as she has travelled far for this. she finds the call disconnected. she dials again but the battery goes dead. he then tries his phone but finds that his phone isnt coming on too. Sarojini is frustrated as to how unprofessional the distributors can be, as they called in so late, and now cancelled the meeting too. he asks her to calm down, as sometimes such things happen, as from his experience. she says that she is feeling thirsty. he goes to get water. she sees that he forgot the wallet, and taking it, goes after him. meanwhile, the planted guy punctures the tyre, during which, sarojini and rishab return back. he hides, whiel they are shocked to find the car tyre punctured. he decides to change it, but then finds that there is no tool box too. he asks her not to worry, as they shall find a mechanic and get the car working again. she tags along too. they find a paan shop, and the vendor tells him that he wont get a mechanic at this time of the night. rishab asks whats the option then. he says that there is a lodge nearby, and the mechanic can be arranged in the morning. he turns to her and presents this option. vehemently against it, she says that she cant stay in the lodge, as the family must be worried for her. she decides to wait for a lift. he asks what if some wrong person came. she asks if he is scared. he says that he is, but for her and her safety. he says that once they are in the lodge, then they can inform the family, about everything, and then sort it out. she resignedly complies.

Scene 6:
Location: Rangeela Lodge
Rishab asks for a phone call at the lodge while the manager asks them to book the room first. Rishab says that its urgent, and pays him 500 rs. the manager complies. sarojini calls up, and rishab narrates everything to nirjhara who picks up. The aunt hopes that rishab doesnt reveal everything, as his plan shall be ruined. while he is narrating everything, both he and nirjhara are unable to understand anything. she tells the aunt that the connection got cut. the aunt is thankful, that she doesnt know that they are trapped, and now they wont come back in the night. rishab and sarojini are tensed whether they could convey the message. he then goes for booking of the room, and finds that only one room is vacant. he then complies. but sarojini calls him aside, and she asks how can he stay in one room, as they cant wander outside. she says that he can sleep in the room, while she can sleep on the sofa here. he says that he shall manage. she asks him not to bother. they then decide to share the room. they are shown to their room. he is about to go out, when sarojini asks him to sleep here only, and he jumps at the prospect, and lies on the bed, and asks if he can make his plans then. he takes the sheet and then spreads it on the floor, and asks her to sleep there. she is shocked, but complies. the says that he was joking, and lies on the floor. she says that she shall manage, but he says that he wont budge. she then resignedly lies on the bed. Sarojini teases him, when rishab gets frustrated with the biting mosquitoes, saying that theys eem to be loving him. he says that everyone loves him, and blurts out, except for her. she is tensed, and he is embarassed as to what he just said. he then says that he talks in terms of friendship. she asks if he loves anyone. he says that he has started loving. she gets tensed, as he clarifies that he has started loving his family, like her. they bid each other goodnight, and sleep off. just then, the police knocks, and they open the door and are shocked. they ask the police what are they doing here. they instead are faced with the same question, saying that this is a raid. they both are shocked. the screen freezes on their shocked face.

Precap: As they are escorted out, along with other couples, they are misconstrued, to be one of those infamous and infidel couples, for a one night stand. as they are seated in the jeep, rishab is identified by reporters who throng him with questions, while he tries to save face. the police says that such rich, spoilt brats are seen with such promiscous ladies only. sarojini is agahst. meanwhile, sarojini’s family sees it broadcasted live on television, and is shocked and agahst. the aunt smirks.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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