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Sarojini 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra/Munna coming out of Sarojini’s room silently. Komal catches him and asks why did he go in at this time. Soumendra says nothing important. Komal says he should stay away from Sarojini until marriage finishes.

Komal then gathers whole family and says they all have to work in marriage. Indira comes. Nirjhara asks where is Samar. She says he is out of station taking care of Komal’s business and is working very hard. Komal says at least someone is worried about him. He distributes work among each family members, Indira to bring Soumendra’s sherwani and Sarojini’s lehanga, Nirjhara to prepare food, daadaji to call panditji and take care of guests, Bhaskar to decorate home, etc.

Komal checks if everyone is doing their work.

He sees Bhaskar sitting idle and scolds him. Their verbal argument starts. Sarojini and Sapna watch from balcony and Sapna runs down and interferes acting as slipping. Bhaskar holds her and takes her aside. Komal sees Indira bringing sherwani and takes it from her and walks towards Munna/Soumendra’s room.

Gulabo goes to Sarojini’s room with turmeric paste and asks her to apply it on her body before bath. She then goes to Soumendra/Munna’s room and asks him to apply it on his face after shave. He says he had already applied it. Munna enters with sherwani and asks when did he apply turmeric. Soumendra says he was telling he already shaved and amma is insisting to shave again. Komal applies turmeric on his face followed by Gulabo.

Sarojini gets ready and Indira asks her to cheer up today, but looks sad herself. She asks why is she tensed. Indira says she is worried about Samar’s business. Samar deals diamonds with smuggler and thinks business is in Komal’s name and if something wrong happens, Komal will be blamed.

Gulabo comes to Sarojini’s room and says she is looking beautiful, she wanted a girl like her for Munna and if he would have been alive if he had got a girl like her. She then emotionally says she will leave this house after sometime and will miss her. Sarojini says she does not have to go anywhere. Soumendra also comes and says she does not have to go anywhere and should not cry on her son Munna’s marriage. Komal comes and asks why will amma cry. Sarojini says he is jeth and should not enter bahu’s room like this. Komal asks soumendra to get ready and walks out. Gulabo goes aside and cries reminiscing Munna. Komal sees that and asks what happened. Soumendra comes wearing groom’s attire followed by Sarojini in bridal attire. Komal gets mesmerized with Sarojini’s beauty and stares her. Soumendra senses that and thinks he is stilll in Sarojini’s love and diverts Komal’s attention asking how is he looking. Komal says ver charming.

Precap: Samar tells Komal that Munna is dead and one who is alive is Soumendra. Just when Soumendra is about to apply sindoor on Sarojini’s forehead during marriage, Komal stops him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Now he is caught!! Sumoendra. Pls apply sindoor and get married that is all

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