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Sarojini 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini and Nirhhara preparing khichdi. Sarojini says it is also Indira’s first khichdi festival and they should take some khichdi for her. Nirjhara nods yes. Sarojini says she will go with Soumendra. Sarojini goes to her room and asks Soumendra if Dushyanth got bail. Soumendra says no as one more murder case opened against him. Sarojini says how can any case open after such a long time, someone does not want him to get out, they need to find out. Tarika hears their conversation and thinks they will not find out it she who is behind all this.

Samar thinks he has to gift Indira something on khichdi festival. Indira brings khichdi and says let us have it. He takes her to dining table, ties her hands behind chair and asks her to have it like animals directly

from mouth. She resists and cries, but he forces her to eat like animal.

Tarika sees Sapna walking in hall and shouts at her that she could not bear a child. Bhaskar comes to her rescue, but Tarika shouts even at him and warns to bear a child, else she will force them. Once they both leave, she thinks she will tackle Sarojini first and then each family member and then rule over this place.

Indira’s face totaly smears with khichdi. Samar warns her not to tell about it to anyone. Soumendra and Sarojini reach there and they both greet them. Sarojini asks Indira why did she smear her face with food. Indira says they both were feeding each other with eyes closed. She goes to bedroom to wash her face. Sarojini follows her to her bedroom. Samar tries to follow them, but Soumendra stops him and forcefully takes him along. Sarojini asks Indira how is she, if Samar loves her. Indira says more than required. Sarojini asks what she means. Indira tries to change topic. Sarojini insists and Indira cries hugging her. Soumendra enters with Samar and takes Sarojini from there.

In the morning at home, Sarojini gets busy cleaning house. Soumendra hugs her from behind. She sprinkles water on him and they both run around house. Dadaji discusses with lawyer and people who filed murder case against Dushyanth to take back case, else if Dushyanth comes out on bail, he will not spare them. Tarika thinks how to spoil dadaji’s meeting. She sees Soumendra and Sarojini running around, throws water on dadaji and people and hides. Everyone shout who threw water on them and see Soumendr and Sarojini running around. Tarika alleges that they threw water. Soumendra says she is wrong. Tarika starts shouting on Sarojini that she trapped her student and married him for money and does not even care about his future. Dushyanth sent him to Delhi to study and get certificate, but he came bare handed with his teacher. Sarojini cries thinking Soumendra is blamed because of her.

Precap: Sarojini sends Soumendra to Delhi for studies and tells family that she knows her responsibilities. Tarika thinks even she knows her responsibilities of shattering this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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