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Sarojini 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini writing about her in her personal diary… Nirjhara serves food and asks Sapna to give thali to Indira. Sapna says she will. Daadi gives her sabji to Sapna and says she needs it more. She continues that we woman should not fight. Sapna gets emotional and says she will see how Dushyanth will ruin Soumendra’s wife’s life.

Soumendra looks at his wound and reminisces Sarojini going in bike behind Mayank. He imagines her coming to his room and applying medicine to his wound. He holds her hand. Friend wakes him up and he realizes that friend is nursing his wound and not Sarojini. Friend asks if he has gone mad. Soumendra says yes in teacher’s love.

Maami serves burnt rotis to maama. Maama asks why is she serving burnt food. Maami

yells that she cannot prepare food alone.. Sarojini says she came to prepare food, but maami herself sent her from there. Maami yells why should she. Maama says she is telling both and asks how does she create so many problems. Maami starts yelling at him next. Son asks why did not she serve Sarojini. Maami yells that she is not Sarojin’s servant.

Sapna in her room yells that no woman can live peacefully in Dushyanth’s house. Nirjhara comes with apple and says babuji brings fruit for her pooja. Sapna says why should always woman sacrifice in this house.

Bhaskar massages Dushyanth’s legs. Daadaji sees that and starts feeling uneasy. Dushyanth says daadaji spoilt whole house and asks Bhaskar to chant gayatri mantra in whole house. Nirjhara brings milk for him. Daadaji says he is feeling uneasy. Dushyanth yells if he stuffs himself so much, he will obviously feel uneasy. Dushyanth leaves to washroom and daadaji goes out for a walk leaving door open. Dog enters house, drops milk glass and drinks whole milk.

Sapna enjoys apple and gets afraid seeing Bhaskar entering room. Bhaskar enters bathroom and comes out after bath. Sapna tries to get romantic. He pushes her and says he has to chant gayatri mantra in whole house on Dushyanth’s order and leaves chanting mantra.

Dushyanth comes back from washroom and sees dog drinking his milk. He shoos dog and starts shouting. Daadaji comes back and asks what happened. Dushyanth shouts that because of him dog drank his milk and orders him to go and wander around house whole night as a punishment. Daaadi enters and asks how can he punish his dad. Daadaji says he curses the day he is born. Dushyanth says he is already born and says asks him to get out now.

Sarojini tells story to her cousin and makes her asleep.

Precap: Daadaji tries to enter house, but dushyanth pushes him out of door. Sarojini informs students that she will not be teaching them from tomorrow. Soumendra says he will not let her go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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