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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
sarojini is shocked and reprimands them for turning against their own son, and that too behind her back. dadaji tries to explain, but she says that she doesnt want to understand anything. he takes her aside, and then when she doesnt budge at all costs, and insists to know their real reason, and why they have been hiding things from her, he tells her about the threatening notes. she is tensed, but then ensures him that she has learnt from him only, that if they are truthful, things do work out. he complies.

Outside, the police starts complaining about his time being wasted, and asks if they think this is a joke. sarojini comes out and tells them with dadaji, that they wont be taking the case back. the police asks what nonsense is this, then

why were they called. dadaji then shows him the blood laden saree, and narrates everything because of which they had decided to back out. the police gets them two policemen on watch and then assuring them of all help, they leave. the aunt is disgusted. rishab is tensed. Later, sarojini sees the saree, and then finds that no address is given, but they can find out the culprit, as to who sent it, and they can also find out from the telecom company about the whereabouts of the threatening calls. she enquires from the telecom operator, but doesnt get any info. she is determined to find the number. she decides to go to courier service first and then the telecom company.

In her room, the aunt is very tensed, when he comes in. he then comes and tells her that she shouldnt have done this. she says that sarojini didnt leave her any option, and she doesnt have the patience to see sarojini so close to the truth. he says that this wasnt the right way. she says that she doesnt care, but her family is paramount. he asks what about them, first a betrayal. she asks if he isnt giving a betrayal, and asks whats the matter, that he is giving such importance to her and her family. he denies and says that there is nothing like he has started loving her. he walks out. she is tensed. Outside, he finds sarojini coming in, who thanks him for bringing back her smile. he caresses her face, and suddenly, she vanishes, and he understands that he has been hallucinating. he gets tensed. he keeps hallucinating.

Later, sarojini asks nirjhara that she was planning to take the cas eback due to her. nirjhara complies, saying that they cant afford to lose her, to get justice for soumu, as she is the motive for her to live on. Sarojini gets emotional, as nirjhara starts her emotional rant. sarojini composes her. rishab watches all this from a distance, as she finds the mother and daughter bonding, and increasingly feels guilty about what he has done. she tells sarojini that she isnt the bahu, but her daughter and son, and that she is the reason she started a business, or else she would have been ruined. she says that she wont be able to risk her life, for soumu. she says that soumu is lucky to have had a wife like her, and that they are proud of her. she breaks into tears and sarojini composes her. he leaves from there.

In his room, he eyes the idol of the lord, and asks whats he doing with him. rishab stands in front of the lord, and asks him not to over complicate matters now, by making him fall in love with her, as he cant lie to himself, even if he can lie to aunt. he says that he has started feeling for her, but she merely considers him a friend. he asks the lord, to please not let the feelings growing in his heart and mind, anymore, regarding sarojini, and not over complicate the whole situation. from behind the door, the aunt is thoroughly boggled to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira makes tea and then searches for samar, but doesnt find him anywhere, nor the maid jhumki is to be seen. then she goes to the bed room, to find them sitting on the bed, while he is reading out jokes to her, and she is guffawing. she intervenes and asks whats he doing. he ignore her, and continues to continuously humiliate her. when she offers him tea, he says that he shall only drink it with jhumki’s hand. He sends her off. indira leaves disgusted. samar continues to flirt with jhumki.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
The aunt is tensed at this new revelation, that she always knew he had a soft corner for sarojini, and one day it would convert to love, and when that happens, he would tell everything to her, which she cant allow, as that would ruin her plan. she says that she is helpless, as sarojini can invariably make him fall in love with her. she then gets an idea and dials someone and narrates a scheme of things.

Immediately, sarojini gets a call, from a big company of distributors, asking her to come so that they can finalise the deal today. she says that its quite far and she wont be able to come today. but he says that the deal needs to be finalised today only. she denies. he then cancels the call, and reports this to the aunt, who had put him upto it. she then thinks that now she would have to tackle this in her own way. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: While playing music in the car, sarojini is irritated to hear loud music, and they both place their hands together on the radio to stop it. their eyes meet, as their hands meet, and an awkward pause follows. Meawhile, the aunt calls someone, and says that rishab and sarojini’s pics, along with their car numbers have been sent, and very soon, the work should be finished, at the first oppurtunity. suddenly, she hears nirjhara standing behind her, and is shocked, wondering whether she heard everything.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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