Sarojini 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra calling Sarojini. She runs and hugs him. Whole family follows to stop her, but could not. Sapna taunts that city people are shameless to hug in front of everyone. They both separate. Soumendra asks if she is fine. She says she is. Dushyanth says since he wanted to see sarojini, he sent her here and came behind her. Nirjhara calls Sarojini shameless, characterless, etc. Soumendra interrupts and says nobody should yell at Sarojini. Dadaji praises Soumendra and says he should protect his wife whole life. Nirjhara asks Sarojini to come now and let Soumendra rest. Dadaji says if Sarojini stays with Soumendra, he will recover soon. Everyone walk out of Soumendra’s room.

Dushyanth starts acting and asks family to strangulate him with rope. Nijhara

gets concerned. He says when he is not respected in this house, why should he be alive. Daadi says Sarojini should die instead. Nijhara says she will trouble Sarojini so much that she will suicide. Dushyanth asks everyone to take an oath on fire that they will trouble Sarojin so much that she will either suicide or run from this house. Everyone take oath on aarti fire. Indira comes there. He warns everyone not to involve her as she is devi.

Sarojini gives juice to Soumendra. He drinks and asks if she missed him yesterday night. Sarojini reminisces missing him when cows attacked. Soumendra says even if she does not miss her, he misses her a lot.

Soumendra gives sari and jewelry to Indira and asks her to give it to Sarojini and ask her to attend pooja wearing them.

Sarojini continues serving Soumendra. He acts as getting hurt and she gets concerned. he says he was joking. Indira knocks door and says she wants to talk to Sarojini. Soumendra says she can and evens how house to her. She is injured last night and says he can bear any injures but not a scratch on Sarojini.

Sarojini walks with Indira. Indira takes her to a room and says she has to stay in this room until Soumendra gets well and says her mind is as beautiful as her face is. Sarojini says she wants to say same and says Soumendra praised her a lot. Indira gives her Dushyanth’s given sari and jewelry and asks her to wear and come for pooja. Sarojini agrees.

Nirjhara feeds sleeping medicine mixed daal soup to Soumendra. Dushyanth smirks peeping from window holding sleeping pill bottle.

Sarojini comes out to lawn wearing Dushyanth’s sari and is surprised to see Nirjhara, Daadi, and Sapna wearing same saris. Sapna asks why is she staring at them. Sarojini asks why are they wearing same saris. Sapna says it is their family rules. Sarojini asks each person has her own choice and nobody can force their choice on her. Sapna calls Dushyanth and complains that Sarojini is questioning a lot. Dushhanth says this is not her delhi and she should forget her attitude. Sarojini says she respects him and his traditions, but each individual has rights to express his/her desire and live like their wish. Dushyanth says this will not happen in his house and asks her to hold pooja thali with lamps and perform aarti 101 times. Sarojini tries to pick, but drops as it is very heavy. Dadaji says she does not have to do that. Sarojini says she will perform 101 aarti.

Precap: Sarojini tells Indira she will oppose Dushyanth’s wrong decisions. Dushyanth gives Sarojini vegetables to prepare food. Sarojini says she cannot prepare food for so many people with these few vegetables and walks out keeping them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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