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Sarojini 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indira asking Nirjhara and Daadi if they are not angry on Manisha for breaking utensils. Nirjhara says what is a big deal in it, anyone would do same in anger. Indira asks they trouble bhabhi unnecessarily and tolerate Manisha’s tantrums.

Manisha tries to lure Soumendra by massaging his feet, etc. He gets angry. She yells she felt bad when he married Sarojini by carrying her and she had to marry him holding his pic instead.. He fumes. She says soon she will lure and remarry him with proper rituals.

Sarojini comes back home from hospital. Nirjhara brings her bag and asks her to get out of this house and spare Soumendra. Sarojini asks why should she. Nirjhara says it is her husband’s house and her wish whom to keep here. Sarojini says it is also

her husband’s house and nobody can dare to send her from here. Nirjhara fumes. Dadaji thinks Sarojini’s patni dharm has awoken and it is good for her.

Sarojini goes to her room and applies sindhoor reminiscing Soumendra. She sees her mangalsutra missing and realizes that Daadi took it. She goes and asks Sapna to give her mangalsutra. Both Daadi and Nirjhara yell that she forcefully married Soumendra and will not get her mangalsutra back. Sarojini holds Sapna’s hand and asks her to return it as she took it. Daadi and Nirjhara continue yelling and say her mangalsutra is lost. Dadaji says whenher god has united Sarojini and Soumendra, mangalsutra cannot be lost. Indira gives her mangalsutra and says she picked it when Nirjhara and other puppets were away and asks her to wear it. Sarojini goes to home temple and prays god to protect her and Soumendra’s relationship and wears it. Dadaji says bahu should be like her.

Doc checks Soumendra and says his BP is normal and he should continue medicines. Manisha says medicines can be given at home also and when will Soumendra be discharged. He says after tomorrow morning’s checkup. Dushyant says Sangram let us leave bride and groom alone. Soumendra says Sarojini is his wife and he should take this woman from here. Manisha angrily points gun on her forehead. Sangram asks her to stop. Soumendra says she is just acting and will not shoot herself. Sangram snatches gun and says she is sangram’s daughter and can do anything. Soumendra says he cannot do anything to them tough and it is better they get out from here. Dushyanth shouts Manisha will stay here. Soumendra thinks he should let her stay here, else his plan of eloping with Sarojini will fail.

Dadaji tells Sarojini that he has planned everything and autodriver will help her and Soumendra elope from here.

Precap: Sarojini wearing nurse’s attire and mask tries to take Soumendra from hospital. Manisha stops her and asks where is she taking her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. awesome
    i hope they dont get caught

  2. I hope they get successes to eloped from these money hanger people’s house

  3. It would be nice if they run away but I want Manu to know she’s nothing to Somendra and that can happen if they are under one roof. When Manu picked up a gun and threatened to shoot herself, I felt sorry for her because Somendra is not shaken by blackmail. I remembered Saro’s aunty when she poured kerosene on herself, it didn’t work.

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