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Sarojini 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Komal telling Sarojini’s family that he wants Sarojini and Munna’s marriage. Sarojini says he will marry Munna only if he tranfers this house in her family’s name. Komal says she is very intelligent, but he will not agree and leaves.

Soumendra and Sarojini get tensed and think what to do. Gulabo says there is only one solution now and tells them plan.

Soumendra climbs balcony and mimics Sholay’s Dharmendra. Gulabo runs and tells Komal that Soumendra is trying to suicide and he runs out. Soumendra starts mausi dialogue. Komal asks him to get down. Somendra says he will not until he transfers property. Komal says he will not. Soumendra says he will jump and slips by mistake. Sarojini runs and holds his hand followed by Komal. They both pull him up. Komal thanks Sarojini for saving his brother’s life and agrees to transfer house in her family’s name. Soumendra gives papers immediately. Komal says he has already prepared. Soumendra gets tensed. Komal signs papers.

At midnight, Soumendra enters Sarojini’s room with icecream and wakes her up. She gets nervous that someone will see them. He relaxes her and says he came to celebrate for getting their house back. Sarojini feeds him icecream and he hugs her. Komal does not find him on bed and walks out searching him. Just before Komal passes by Sarojini’s room, Soumendra escapes from there.

Precap: Samar tells Komal that Munna is dead and one who is alive is Soumendra. Just when Soumendra is about to apply sindoor on Sarojini’s forehead during marriage, Komal stops him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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