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Sarojini 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu coming to Sarojini’s mama/mami’s house and asking Mami to call Sarojini. Mami stands confused. Manu gets happy thinking Sarojini would not be here and she will prove that Susie is actually Sarojini. Sarojini comes from inside asking who is it. She sees Manu and asks how come she is here. Manu is shocked and says she came to Delhi and thought of meeting her. Sarojini asks her to sit and serves tea and snacks. Manu asks if she does not remember Soumendra. Sarojini says Manu deserves Soumendra than her. Maami taunts that she is seeing 2 sautan’s love for the first time and says they should be world’s 8th wonder. Manu purposefully drops something and bends to pick it. Sarojini purposefully shows her finger with no ring. Manu asks Sarojini

if she has a twin sister in Prataphgarh. Sarojini not real sister, but a namesake one, who is her. Manu thinks she is trying to fool her and thinks she should reach Prataparh and catch her red handed. She silently leaves. Sarojini tells maami that she will come and explain and should reach Paratapghar before Manu reaches and runs.

Manu reaches home and Daadi scolds her. She then goes to Susie’s room and is shocked to see her already present and busy on laptop. Susie says she was waiting for her green tea. Manu confusingly goes to bring tea. Susie sees her hair wig not fixed properly and tries to fix it. Manu brings tea and asks to open door. Susie says she is freshening up and she can come later. Manu peeps from key hole but cannot see her head. Susie’s hair clip breaks and she rushes to bathroom. Manu enters with duplicate key and searches her. Susie come out of bathrrom with towel wrapped around her hair and asks how did she enter her room. Manu says she has duplicate key. Susie scolds her and asks her to get out. Manu picks hair clip and silently leaves.

Samar comes to meet Indira via window and ties her hands during romance. Sapna comes and knocks door. Samar escapes via window. Indira opens door nervously and turns behind. Sapna asks her to come down for dinner. Indira says she will come in some time and thinks of taking Sussie’s help. She walks towards Susie’s room and asks her to free her hands. Susie asks who tied it. Indira says her fiance. Susie asks why. Indira says love and says in India, bride and groom cannot meet before marriage, so he meets her entering via window.

Everyone sit for dinner. Nirjhara asks Soumendra to give dinner to Susie. He takes food plate to Susie’s room. Manu follows him and forcefully tries to sit there. She sees Sarojini and Soumendra’s marriage pic in Susie’s book and shouts.

Precap: Manu asks Susie who is she, why is she having Soumendra and Sarojini’s marriage pic. Soumendra says he took it to Susie’s room. Manu asks then why did Susie tell she does not know how it came. Soumendra asks Susie how did she get his marriage pic. She says she does not know. He says then who knows.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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