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Sarojini 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with goon trying touch Sarojini and Soumendra kicking him down to earth. Soumendra says if anyone touches sarojini, he will break this hands. He starts beating goons and asks langoor/Mayank to leave with Sarojini. Mayank sits on bike and asks Sarojini to come. Sarojini asks how can he leave when Soumendra is fighting for him. He says he does not care and forcefully takes Sarojini from there. Soumendra smiles looking at her. Goon senses opportunity and hits Soumendra with wooden stick. Soumendra starts bleeding. He then starts beating goons again and they run.

Dushyanth speaks over phone and asks his goon not to kill his enemy but to just break his extremities. He sees Nirjhara silently taking palak from store room and starts yelling at her and asking how dare she is

to steal palak. She say she is giving it to Sapna as she is anemic. He shouts that she can take 1 tomato instead. He calls Sapna and shouts that others also eat same food, but they are not anemic. To be anemic, she needs to give birth to a child first. He asks her to eat 1 tomato daily and do yoga for her health instead. He says he will get a bahu for Soumendra who will be full of blood and not anemic. Once he leaves, Sapna curses her fate and says now dusyhanth wants to ruin another girl’s life by marrying her to Soumendra.

Sarojini reaches home Mayank. Maami asks Mayank why is he looking tensed. He starts alleging Sarojini that because of her goons attacked him. She says he rammed bike. He says because of her, they attacked and she called Soumendra goon there. She says Soumendra rescued them and instead of thanking him, he is yelling on Soumendra instead. Mayank says he would have beaten goons if Soumendra had not entered. She says she has seen his bravery and asks him again to be thankful to Soumendra. He says she is so fond of Soumendra now, he will not trust her until she marries him. She says why he wants to marry her if he does not believe her. He says he will after marriage. She says she will not marry him. Maami intervenes and says she brought her up since childhood, else she would have been in some orphanage, so as her decision she should marry Mayank. Maama asks her to calm down. Maami continues yelling. Mayank’s mom says Sarojini is misbehaving with mayank even before marriage, so she does not want her as her bahu now and asks Mayank to take her from here. They both walk out. Maami continues shouting and breaking things.

Sarojini cries in her room and thinks how to tell mama that she wants to marry a guy who respects her. Soumendra reaches his room with Sarojini’s used coffee up, singing. Roommate asks what happened to him. He says he is in love with teacherji/sarojini now. Roommate smiles.

Dushyanth after dinner tells his family that he will get a healthy bahu for Soumendra and not like Sapna who is always ill. He suggests them to eat less like him.

During breakfast, Sarojini thinks how to convince maami not to force her to marry Mayank. She starts hiccups, cousin says someone is remembering her.

Precap: Soumendra tells his friend that he is deeply in love with Sarojini. Dog kicks Dushyanth’s milk. Dushyanth punishes his dad to sleep outside as a punishment for keeping door open.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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