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Sarojini 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
The aunt reads out the threatening note to the family, hearing which they are all tensed. then the landline rings, as per the aunt’s plan. dadji picks it up, and gets a threatening about the same, that they shall kill her if she doesnt take the case back. the goons identify themselves as soumu’s killers. They are shocked to hear what dadaji heard. the aunt convinces them that they shouldnt take this matter lightly, as they seem dangerous. but he continues to say that they are fighting for justice and there is no wrong in that. she asks him to think about sarojini’s life, and says that they cant stop the goons. she asks him if he doesnt have the responsibility of sarojini, and if anything happens to her, would they be able to face

themselves. nirjhara is convinced and says that she has already lost soumu, and not sarojini now. she says that they shall seek the lord’s help to keep sarojini safe.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sarojini and rishab are out marketing, when they are drinking coconut milk, her hand slips, and he dives just in time to catch her shopping bags. their eyes meet as their hands graze past each other. she hurriedly rushes to help an old woman, and then gives some balloons and chocoles, to some young kids, and has a fun time with them. he is amused and pleased to see her laughing. she comes to him and asks whats the matter. he teases her saying that, he is her friend, and didnt get anything as yet. when she asks what he wants, he says that he wants her to smile. she gets tensed. he gets her in a casual manner, and then banters with her, to get her cheerful.

Scene 3:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira is, searching for a saree, when she is again shocked to find her husband flirting with the maid, while she is wearing her saree. the maid listens resignedly, when her husband comes and tells that he gave her this saree. she says that its hers. he says that the maid didnt have a single saree proper, thats why he gave her this, and she shouldnt be so upset because of it. she says that this is gifted to her by the mother. he doesnt listen to her, and asks her not to bother him unnecessarily, and she leaves, in disgust. after she is gone, he gets back to cajoling the maid, that all the sarees are hers.

Scene 4:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
In the night, Rishab is extremely tensed and restless in the night, remembering sarojini smiling with the kids. he distracts himself, and convinces himself to go back to sleep. meanwhile, in her room, sarojini too is equally restless, as she eyes the vacant space beside her on the bed. se clutches at the pillow, and seeks the solace of her memories to dose off.

The next morning, the aunt raises a hue and cry about the oily food served in breakfast. sarojini and others are tensed. sapna vehemently insists that she is right. sarojini asks whats she wants. just then, a courier fellow comes, and she is about to get it, when the aunt asks her to go and make a sandwich. she complies and leaves. the aunt smirks, as sapna receives it. then bhaskar opens it to reveal blood splattered clothes, while the aunt waits for the drama to unfold. all are aghast. this serves as the final straw as thy decide that they cant risk standing against them anymore, since they recognise it as sarojini’s saree. the aunt asks them to relax, and think clearly, and tht they should solve the case without sarojini. dadaji wonders how shall they manage to convince sarojini, as she shall never take her case back. Bhaskar says that they shall send her out, and then call the police and tell them that everything is okay and they wish to revert back the case. they comply. then sarojini returns back, and asks about the package, but is told that it was wrongly delivered. before she can enquire further, the aunt again sends her off for green tea, she complies. then they decide that sarojini shall not go alone, but rishab shall go with her, for her safety.

Later, sarojini is hastily sent off with rishab, for some purchasing that was left earlier, and then think that they should leave before the polie comes. they hurriedly send them off. after they are gone, they are relieved and then welcome the police inside. they give the statement, that they are sure imran is the killer, and that they wish to finish the case. and that they are sure to make sarojini understand it too. he commends the polcie for their thorough investigation, and that they caught the killer, who is now in jail, and hence no further investigation is needed. he says that there was difference of opinion earlier but not anymore. they however dont realise that sarojini stands right behind them, who has come back with rishab. bhaskar to sides with dadaji. she asks them how could they do this without even asking her once. the screen freezes on sarojini’s apalled face, while the others are distraught.

Precap: rishab stands in front of the lord, and asks him not to over complicate matters now, by making him fall in love with her. he asks the lord, to please not let the feelings growing in his heart and mind, anymore, regarding sarojini, and not over complicate the whole situation. from behind the door, the aunt is thoroughly boggled to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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