Sarojini 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini telling Soumendra why is Tarika misbehaving with family. She told she came for her brother but has some other hidden motto and they need to find out. Soumendra says even he is thinking same.

Punjubi couple comes to Sarojini’s house and invites family for their lohri celebrations. They tell they have bought even punjabi clothes for Sarojini and Soumendra and describe feast dishes. Bhaskar asks to prepare feast before they reach there. They say yes and walk out. Tarika scolds Bhaskar, but he brushes her off and tells Sapna that today he will feast her with sweets and punjabi food. Sarojini taunts Tarika that truth always wins and until she is here, she cannot harm this family.

Samar gives hunter to Indira and says she is his princess and he

is her slave today, so she should lash him with hunter. She gets afraid and starts crying. He forces her, but she does not hold hunter. He punishes himself with lashes.

Sarojini gets ready in punjabi dress. Soumendra comes in. She asks him to go out as she is not yet ready. He says he will sit in her room. She says she will get distracted if he sits there and pushesh him out. He takes out bindi pack and gives it to her. She takes it and sends him out.

Tarika enters and makes Sarojini uncoscious with chloroform-soaked kerchief and stuffs her in gunny bag. Nirjhara comes and tells her that everyone are waiting for her outside and asks where is Sarojini. Tarika yells at her and says Sarojini went out long ago and she does not have to show her fake concern on her. Nirjhara asks her to come out soon and leaves.

Tarika drags gunny bag and keeps it between lohri firewood and thinks she will see how will celebrate her win. Punjabi man keeps gunny bag on lohri fire. Tarika blubbers her usual one liner and prays for Sarojini’s soul. Gunny bag burns into ashes. Tarika laughs that Sarojini is finished now. She then is shocked to see Sarojini dancing with Soumendra around lohri on punjabi song. After dance, Sarojini taunts her not to get shocked seeing her as she is not dead and says she knows her intention and got alert when she entered her room and reminisces how she escaped from gunny bag and stuffed gunny bag with books. Tarika tries to slap her, but she holds her hand and warns not to ever harm her or her family, else she will repent.

Precap: Tarika speaks to someone over phone and tells Sarojini’s weakness is Soumendra and they have to kill him first. Nirjhara enters and is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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