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The episode starts Soumendra and Sarojini enjoying coffee in a coffee shop. He asks why did she call him here instead of coming to the one he called. She says school is nearby and students often visit there. She says she has to go now as he requested only for coffee and asks him to finish it fast. He says if she is ordering him, he will gulp it in one go, gulps it and starts starts writhing in pain due to hot coffee. She says she did not ask him to have it once and says he has to learn a lot. He says he will if she teaches. She walks out of coffee shop and sees Mayank standing talking over phone, thinks he will create a problem and hides. Soumendra sees that, goes back to coffee shop and picks Sarojini’s cup. He asks manager its price. Manager says it is not salable. Soumendra says he

can buy his whole restaurant, but is taking just cup, throws money bundle on table and leaves with cup.

Sarojini walks on road. Mayank sees her through his bike window, stops and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to meet a friend in a coffee shop. He asks why did not she go to nearby coffee shop and asks who is this friend. She says he does not need to know all her friends. He asks her to sit behind him now.

Doctor checks Sapna and asks what problem she has. She says she feels very weak, shivery, gets tired easily, etc. Bhaskar asks what problem she has. Doctor says she has calcium and vitamin deficiency, so he she should be fed green leafy vegetables, paneer, milk items, fruits, etc. Nirjhara says they don’t even get extra salt to eat with roti, where will they get all this. Bhaskar asks doc to go and get fees from his dad. Dushyanth yells at doc that he wanted to her pregnancy news, but he is telling about illness. Daadi taunts Sapna that she could not give a grandson. Sapna says child does not happen just like that, Bhaskar has to be compenent for that. Nirjhara thinks she does not want shameless bahu like Sapna for Soumendra.

Mayank’s mom tells maama to fix Sarojini and Mayank’s marriage soon. Maama says Sarojini does not like Mayank and will not marry him. Maama starts yelling that Sarojini does not have any right to express her wish as she is an orphan and they brought her up. Once Sarojini comes, she will see how she will deny marrying Mayank. Maama says she will not marry Mayank.

Dushyanth scolds doc and shoos him away without paying fees. He asks his debtor to bring tomatoes daily from his farmland for his bahu sapna. Debtor says his farmland has better tomatoes. Dushyanth yells at him to stop eyeing on his farmland and warns him to bring tomatoes daily. Debtor agrees and leaves.

Mayank crashes his bike into a goon’s bike. Goon shouts if he is showing off with his girlfriend. Sarojini asks him to mind his tongue. Goon then starts roughing up Mayank. Sarojini intervenes. Goon then turns towards her and is about to touch her when Soumendra enters and kicks goon to floor.

Precap: Soumendra asks langoor/Mayank to leave with Sarojini. Mayank asks Sarojini to come with him. She says Soumendra is fighting with goons for him, but he is running away. Mayank forcefully gets her onto bike and leaves while Soumendra beats goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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