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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Sarojini and rishab come back with tensed faces, when dadaji and others ask what happeneed. she tells them, and they all start reprimanding the goons, who are thorough in their planning. granny says that she cant run away, and that the lord shall punish them severely. rishab gets tensed. nirjhara too curses the criminal. as the aunt calls, rishab goes inside. they wonder how can they sit at peace, till soumu’s criminal is scot free and how they wouldnt be able to sit in peace till that doesnt happen. they are all disheartened and disappointed, when sarojini gets a call, triple the orders, what they delivered earlier. srojini goes inside, and nirjhara goes after her

In her room, the aunt starts reprimanding rishab for his carelesness,

and tht they were lucky that she wasnt imran’s wife. she also warns him about how he had helped them earlier in the morning, regarding their business, and why is he helping sarojini in the matters, and if he has fallen n love. he vehemently denies, and she instructs him to stick to the plan, and that he cant allow even his heart to get in the way of the well being of the family. he agrees. she says that his heart is coming in the way of her trust and faith in him, and hence from hereon, she shall take the matters in her hands, and not leave it on him. he leaves the room, while she is tensed.

In her room, sarojini eyes soumu’s pic, and is disheartened at another disappointment of a deadend, and apologises that she still couldnt find him criminal and that she doesnt know why this is happening, and then nirjhara comes, and asks soumu, as to what she should do, to be able to console he, as they have been pillars of strength for each other, but now they both keep breaking by such defeats, and think that the world is over. she breaks down emotionally, and then rants as to how they cant tolerate it anymore. sarojini gets overwhelmed and they both hug each other, as tears stream down her cheeks. as sarojini and nirjhara come out, they all ask whats their plan now. they say that they shall seek rishab’s help in getting through higher police contacts. they are tensed regarding taking help from rishab continuously. suddenly, sarojini receives a call, about triple the orders, that they delivered earlier. she is ecstatic and narrates this to everyone. nirjhara after having face da problem earlier, is reluctant. but sarojini gives the confidence. bhaskar and sapna try and put her down, but her enthusiasm and confidence enthuses her and nirjhara is again eager to
work. sarojini smiles.

Sarojini gets coffee for rishab. Sarojini comes inside rishab’s room, and apologises and thanks him. she apologises for how rudely she behaved when he was trying to boost ehr morale, and thanks for being by her side, through thick and thin, and for the second deliveryhe tells her that he wont help her now, till she doesnt accept that he is friends with her. she extends her hand of friendship, saying that since he is soumu’s old friend, she has no issues being friends with him. they shake hands, smiling at each other, while the aunt sees this and is shocked, at the new level of intimacy thats forming between them, and decides to do something about it rightaway.

Scene 2:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira is surprised to find a sultry lady working as a maid, in the house, while gautam ogles at her. she doesnt like it, when he says that she is the maid and sends her off to make tea. they keep passing lewd signals to each other, while she is disgusted. she asks whats the need. he says that since she is going to be helping sarojini in her business, then he would need someone to cater to his needs. she is agahst. he then finds that she might just leave business to save her marriage, so he cajoles her, and asks her not to bother him, as he is tensed about business these days. then the maid comes, and again in dounle meaning continues to talk to him, while he applauds her tea. indira is disgusted to see this.

Scene 3:
Location: sarojini’s residence
dadaji asks about sarojini and sapna. nirjhara says that they have gone out for some work. suddenly a stone comes and hits granny. they all rush to her care. they are boggled as to who might have done it. the aunt sees the stone, and finds a letter attached to it. she reads it out, saying that sarojini should take back her case or she too shall be finished. they are all aghast. the screen freezes on the aunt’s face.

Precap: Seeing sarojini cater to the small children and giving them balloons and chocolates, he teases her saying that, he is her friend, and didnt get anything as yet. when she asks what he wants, he says that he wants her to smile. she gets tensed. he gets her in a casual manner, and then banters with her, to get her cheerful.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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