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Sarojini 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sangram singh’s goon making Dushyanth family hostage on Sangram’s order. Goon asks Indira to get him tea. She brings tea and drops glass on him purposefully and then apologizes. Dushyanth says family that he told Sangram will not free them until Soumendra and Manu consummate their marriage. Goon says same . Soumendra comes and says he is getting bored, so he will romance with Sarojini. He dances with her on Tum ladki ho mai ladkha hoon….song… Goons get angry and ask Soumendra to leave Sarojini as they cannot see injustice to Manu. Soumendra continues hugging and dancing with Sarojini.

Police reaches and arrests goons. Dushyanth thinks Sangram will destroy his house. Soumendra says he played this drama. Manu asks how can he do

this. Soumendra says she will be kicked out of this house and drags her out. Sangram enters. Manu says Soumendra is kicking her out. Sangram says all this is because of Sarojini, so he will kill her, pointing gun on Sarojini. Soumendra also points gun at Manu and says if he kills Sarojini, he will kill Manu. Sangram gets afraid and drops gun.

Dushyanth tells Soumendra that Sangram has dropped gun, so he should also drop gun. Soumendra says he does not trust Sangram and he will point gun until Sangram leaves with his daughter. Dushyanth says Sangram that Soumendra is doing this in anger and once he calms down, husband and wife will unite. Sangram says he will not tolerate this insult and will take revenge and leaves with Manu.

Dushyanth cries that petrol pump, high way 10 acres land, etc..are all gone. It is a big abshagun. Dadaji says it is a big shagun, outside dirt went outside itself now and now they should celebrate diwali grandly. Nirjhara says she will perform diwali pooja with Sarojini. Dadaji says she should as it is Sarojini’s first diwali after marriage. Dushyanth thinks they made a big loss and now he does not know what Sangram will do.

In the morning, Dushyanth scolds Bhaskar and Sapna for not giving him grandson and says they will not attend diwali pooja. Dadaji taunts him and then asks where is Soumendra. Soumendra enters with Sarojini holding murthi for diwali pooja. Dadaji asks Sarojini to prepare him a cup of tea. Bhaskar says even he needs tea. Sarojini goes to kitchen to prepare tea and hears Dushyanth scolding dadi for taking more vegetables for diwali celebration. Sarojini thinks she will not let Dushyanth insult his mother like this and will take store room keys from him soon.

Indira clashes with Dushyanth while walking. He asks if she wants to kill him. She says she is preparing pooja thali. Dushyanth says she is apavitra/dirty and cannot do pooja and says he will get her married soon and kick her and her bhabhi Sarojini from here. Indira starts crying. Sarojini hears their conversation and consoles Indira that this house is also hers like Soumendra and she should not get disheartened.

Precap: Dushyanth forces Nirjhara to hold lamps on her head and says she should repent for her sin. Nirjhara asks Sarojini not to come near, else she will burn her hand on lamp and says she is ready to repent for her sin than getting divorce from her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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