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Sarojini 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulabo asking Komal to have lunch. Komal says he is not hungry. She asks not to waste Sarojini’s effort and if he does not eat, even Munna will not eat. Komal thinks he should not waste Sarojini’s effort and accompanies her. He sits for lunch with family. Gulabo asks her to serve her son’s favor dishes. Sarojini serves. Komal shouts why did she make so spicy food when he likes bland food. She says Gulabo that she told to make her son’s favorite dishes, so she thoght she is talking about Munna, Munna like spicy food. Munna/soumendra says food is tasty. Komal shouts and leaves. Munna thinks Sarojini is right, he is jealous of him and loves Sarojini.

Sarojini tells Soumendra and Gulabo that Komal is jealous of Munna now, so he shouted.

Soumendra goes out and sees Komal angrily playing gulli danda. He catches gulli and says Komal his gulli is with him now. Komal says he has many more. Soumendra insists he will marry Sarojini. Komal beats him with danda and says he will forget Sarojini. Soumendra says he will as Sarojini is a good girl and goes overboard to help even enemies, she helped maa by risking her life. Komal continues beating him. Sarojini comes running and stops Komal and says she does not want to marry Munna as he is Komal’s brother and takes Soumendra to apply medicine on his wounds.

Nirjhara applies medicine on Soumendra’s wound and Sarojini asks why did not he stop Komal. Soumendra says he can do anything for her love, earlier he fought with Mayank and now Komal. Gulabo sees Komal standing near window and starts nursing Soumendra’s wounds and asks him to have food. Soumendra says he will not have food until bab bhai/Komal has food. Komal brings food and asks everyone to go out. He asks Soumendra to have food. Soumendra says he will not until he accept his marriage with Sarojini. Komal agrees and hugs him and then they both feed each other.

Komal goes to his room and angrily kicks furniture. Gulabo comes and asks him to accept Munna’s demands if he loves him. Komal looks at their childhood pic and reminisces promising Munna that he will get anything he likes in life.

In the morning, Komal gathers whole family and tells he will get Munna married to widow Sarojini and asks Dadaji if he has any objection. Dadaji says if Sarojini agrees. Sarojini says she will not marry Munna. Komal says Munna looks like Soumendra. Sarojini says they are both opposite and poles apart in character. Komal insists. Sarojini says she will marry Munna only if he transfers house in her family’s name.

Precap: Komal says Soumendra that he will not return home and asks him to get down from balcony. Soumendra says he will not until he signs property papers. Komal agrees and Soumendra comes down and gives papers and pen. Komal asks he is well prepared beforehand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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