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Sarojini 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tarika warning Sarojini and family that they cannot prepare food without her order. Sarojini opposes, but Tarika yells at her and goes to kitchen. Nirjhara asks Daadi to control her daughter as sankranti and other festivals are starting and they have to prepare feast.

They hear sound from kitchen and sarojini goes to check. She sees Tarkika preparing snacks and yelling at her and family that she will not give food to anyone today. She prepares samosas and kachoris and warns family that nobody should dare to open store room and kitchen door locks. Sarojini says she cannot do this. Tarika says she will kill her if she utters anything. Daada asks family to kick her out. She shouts even on him and warns to touch and see. She then throws a kachori each on daadaji

and daadi.

Samar ties Indira’s hands and brings food for her. He says she is his slave and he is her boss. She pleads to free her hands, but in vain. She says insect is biting her. He says he likes seeing her in pain and says he will kill insect as nobody has right to touch her except him.

Soumendra brings jalebis for Sarojini. Sarojini says how can she have food when family is hungry. Soumendra says he brought and gave everyone’s favorite food and they are all enjoying. Daadi/daadi and Bhaskar/Sapna are seen feeding each other.

Tarika goes to a man’s house and asks why did not he complaint against Dushyanth when he dragged his son over his jeep and killed him. Man says he is afraid of Dushyanth. She says he should not and asks him to go and give police complaint tomorrow. He asks why is she doing this being Dushyanth’s sister. She says she wants Dushyanth to be behind bar forever.

Sarojini tells family she will not let them tolerate Tarika’s torutre now. Daadi asks what will she do. Sarojini says she wants to break kitchen and store room’s locks as Tarika has crossed her limits and is not listening to their pleas. Soumendra says he is with her and walks along. Daadi shouts she will create one more problem. Soumendra gives hammer and Sarojini breaks kitchen lock. Tarika is seen entering home. Sapna says until store room is opened, they cannot prepare food. Soumendra says let us break lock. Daadi and Nirjhara shout not to, but Soumendra insists. Sarojini hits hammer and gets electric shock.

Tarika enters with her usual one liner and says she knew Sarojini would do this, so she fixed electric wire. Sarojini says she will break it at any cost. Tarika tries to slap her, but Soumendra holds her hand and warns not to touch Sarojini. Nirjhara asks without grocery how can she prepare food. Tarika says she can boil water and drink.

Sarojini tells Soumendra that Tarika came here with some other motto and not for Dushyanth as she would have got him released by now, they have to find it out.

Precap: Sikh family invites Sarojini’s family for lohri celebration. Tarika says she will do dhamaka on lohri day and ties Sarojini under lohri.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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