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Sarojini 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Susie/Sarojini calling Soumendra at midnight and asking him to come and meet her at her room. Soumendra comes and asks how did she get his number. She says getting a hansome hunk’s mobile number is very easy and says Dushyanth gave it. She shows temple pics and says she clicked them personally and wants to know their history. Soumendra says one is very old and he does not know its age, 2 he can get some info. He hears someone coming and hides behind curtain. She asks why is he so afraid. Manu comes there and asks if she saw her hunny bunny. Susie asks who is that. Manu says Soumendra. Susie says why will he come here. Manu sees Soumendra’s watch and asks how did it come then. She says she took it from Soumendra to change her watch time to Indian

time and says she is acting as if she is snatching her husband. Manu says she will never let that happen.

In the morning, Manu takes milk for Soumendra, sees him drying his hair after bath and imagines telling him that he is very hot. He says he is only for her. She gets very happy. She gets out of her imagination when Soumendra shouts why did she bring milk instead of amma. She says amma is preparing breakfast for Susie. He says even she should serve Susie and get into her good books. Manu thinks now she has to act to get Susie’s truth out.

Manu takes green tea for Susie and clashes with Nirjhara on the way. She yells at Nirjhara that she was about to give her green tea bath today. Nirjhara asks where is she taking this. She says for Manu. Nirjhara asks her not to act good, it does not suit her. She ignores Nirjhara and goes to Susie’s room to give her green tea but drops it on Susie by mistake and cleans her nightie and floor. She is shocked to see Susie wearing Sarojini’s finger rings and reminisces earlier incident. She asks Susie how did she get these finger rings. Susie says her friend gifted her. Manu says only married women can wear it and says one of her friend wears it usually. Susie asks there must be many pieces like this. She thinks Susie is definitely Sarojini and she will expose her.

Manu calls Sangram and tells that Susie is Sarojini and she wants to expose her. He asks how can he help her. She tells her plan and reaches Sarojini’s mama/mami’s house. She meets mami as Sarojini’s friend and asks to call her. She thinks Sarojini will not be here and will be caught red handedly. Sarojini comes out asking who is it. Manu is shocked to see her here. She thinks if Sarojini is here, then Susie will not be there, so she will reach home soon and expose her.

Precap: Manu reaches home and is shocked to see Susie already present there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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