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Sarojini 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth serving his prepared food to family. They eat it with great difficulty and praise it. Sapna starts vomiting. Dushyanth thinks she is pregnant and congratulates Bhaskar. He says he is tired of hearing babuji and wants to hear dadaji now, if this happens, he will throw a party. Daadi says she is vomiting as she is eating after fast. Nirjhara also says when he stopped her from eating for 1 week and she ate, she had same sensation. Dushyanth says he does not believe them. Sapna runs again to vomit. Dushyanth says Bhaskar definitely she is pregnant and asks him to call doctor.

Sarojini’s maami tells her that mayank’s mom has come and Sarojini should go and serve her to marry Mayank. Sarojini says she already told mayank she will not marry him.

Maami yells that her decision is final and she will have to marry mayank. Sarojini tells maama that Mayank just wants to rule over her and make her his solve, she shivers just thinking of marrying him. Maama calms her down and says he will know what to do

Mayank comes for dinner with his mom. While having dinner, mayank’s mom starts boasting that she has kept 20 tolas gold for her bahu and has decided sarojini will be her bahu. Maama jokes that she is ordering as if she is lord brahma. Maami backs her and says she convinced her to get sarojini married to her son. Mom starts boasting again that sarojini is an orphan and will get 2 times food and shelter in her house and will also rule it. Maama asks how much gold did her saas give her. She says 15-16 tolas and 1/2 kg silver. He says why did not she give even a silver nose ring to her daughter, he married maami without a penny. She says why is he digging graves now. Maama says nobody will force sarojini to marry anyone and only she can decide whom to marry. Maami thinks she will create such a bad situation that sarojini will be forced to marry mayank.

During class, sarojini asks questions and mayank gives weird answers again. Sarojini gets shy and dismisses class for the day. Mayank calls her and says he will pick her at 4 p.m. She reminisces Mayank party plan and says she has class at 4 p.m. She then thinks why is she getting so conscious about Soumendra.

Soumendra waits for Sarojini in a hotel. Waiter asks if he is soumendra. He says yes. He says a lady gave him a letter. Soumendra reads Sarojini’s letter telling she is waiting for him in a nearby coffee shop. He runs from hotel to cafe shop and cannot believe Sarojini’s waiting for him.

Precap: Sarojini says soumendra seeing his good nature, she changed her mind and came for his party.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice show…!! Luving it …..evrythng is fair in love nd war

  2. Oh I hope this show doesn’t change yo the crap we see daily. I like it.

  3. I see a precap where a guy will miss behave with sorijni and somendra will come and kick the guy but that not in this episode

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