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Sarojini 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
nirjhara raises a hue and cry, and all are distraught as they find the entire lot of pickles and papad, strewn on the floor. they cant imagine what

could have gone wrong. then they find a cat moving out of the open wndow of the kitchen. granny reprimands them for being careless, while bhaskar

and sapna are amused. she remembers how she had ruined everything, and then intentionally kept milk by the window, to attract cat, so that it could

be blamed. they are amused that sarojini’s business shut down even before it tarted. dadaji asks her to go to imran’s house, for her investigation,

while he handles things here. but she says that they need to talk themselves, or else the business shall start off on a bad

note. rshab is tensed.

later, when the dealer, he is furious to see that the order isnt ready. he asks for a return of money, when she says that they invested al the money

in the business. he threatens for a police action. rishab comes and then much to sarojini’s surprise and shock, and others bogglement, he settles

the dealer, and tells that his order is loaded. he leaves happily. sarojini asks how he managed it. he says that it could happen, by his wit, as he

purchsed from the wholesale dealer, and then packed them properly, and prepared the order. they re boggled. bhaskar comes and reprimands sarojini

for her poor decision. then rishab says that he has just invested so that he can get a share of the profits that they reap later on. then she is

reminded that she needs to meet imran’s wife. he gets tensed too, and rishab immediately rushes out, citing an urgent work. she goes in to get her

purse, but breaks her sandal, and then goes inside to change her footwear.

Later, while they are gone, the aunt is terribly tensed, whether sarojini shall arrive before rishab can finish the job. just then, people come and

she pretends to be asleep. they come and wake her up, and forcibly make her drink a bitter medicine for her better health. she is frustrated but has

to comply for putting up the lie. she wonders when would they finally put this matter to rest so that she can be away from these disgusting people.

then she is shocked whe she gets to know from nirjhara what he did in the morning, with their order fiasco. she is tensed, as to why he is getting

so emotionally connected to the family.

In their room, bhaskar and sapna fume, that they managed to successfully spoil sarojini’s plan, but rishab got in and set everything right. they

decide to nip this friendship in the bud, before things get out of his control.

Scene 2:
Location: In imran’s locality
Rishab arrives, while back home, the aunt is terribly tensed, and keeps ringing him, and he responds that he is searching for the house. then he

asks some people. Rishab reaches the locality, and then gets to finding imran’s wife. he approaches her saying that he needs to talk to her for a

minute. Just then, he hears sarojini’s voice from behind, asking him how is he here. he is shocked and stunned at a loss of an answer, while she is

boggled. then he makes up an excuse, that since she takes everything on herself, hence he wanted to help her out, when she told him about this

problem, and that he didnt do it with her knowledge because she would have refused him to work, being self dependant. she is convinced by his talks,

and then asks the woman if she is imran’s wife. she pretends to be aghast at the question, and says that she is imran’s neighbour, and that his

wife, left for dubai yesterday. he is relieved though still boggled, while sarojini is distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
rishab is tensed seeing that sarojini is crying incessantly. he asks her to sto crying, while she remembers soumu’s last minutes. she then gets

berserk seeing a road accident, and gets down thinking, that its soumu hurt and wounded on the road, and starts slamming people for being negligent,

and assuring the person that she is here now, and she shall save him. all are boggled. rishab jerks her to reality and then she understands that he

isnt soumu and sits back. he gets back, and starts driving yet again. she is lost in thoughts, and doesnt relise that they have reached home. he

guives her a pep talk, that people do move on, even if things go wrong, and asks her not to go inside like this in a dishevelled and distraught

state. she understands and freshens up and goes inside. he is horribly guilty about putting sarojini through this. he apologises to her several

times, that he is helpless due to his family, and that she is nowhere wrong, but he has to do this. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Sarojini is in rishab’s room, and he tells her that he wont help her now, till she doesnt accept that he is friends with her. she extends

her hand of friendship, saying that since he is soumu’s old friend, she has no issues being friends with him. they shake hands, smiling at each

other, while the aunt sees this and is shocked, at the new level of intimacy thats forming between them, and decides to do something about it


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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