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Sarojini 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth warning sarojini to dare not think of Soumendra again and go back to Delhi and live a peaceful life. He says if she thought his family was waiting to greet her, then she is wrong, they wanted to kick her out. He gives he 100 rs and asks her to go back to Delhi now. Bhaskar says she is lucky that babuji is giving her 100 rs, else he would no give even 2 rs to anybody. Sarojini says she did not come here to go back. Dadaji asks Dushyanth where will Sarojini go as it is already night. Dushyanth says she can stay in goshala/cow shed. Dadaji says sarojini she is a ray of hope for this house. Dushyanth asks Bhaskar to lock door and call doc.

Sarojini goes to cow shed, opens her suitcase, picks Soumendra’s pic and prays for his health. At home, doc checks

Soumendra and tells family that he has given him sleep injection and he will wake up only in the morning, they should not give him any tension. Dushyanth asks Nirjhara to show her motherly love and make sure Soumendra does not meet Sarojini. Sapna asks if Sarojini will stay here or not.

Sarojini gets mama’s call and asks him how is he. Mama says she went to a new house, so she should say how is she. She says she is fine. He says he knows soumendra is a good guy, but he does not know how his family is. Sarojini says they are very good like Soumendra. He prays that she should get a motherly love from Soumendra’s mother and asks if she had food. She says she ate a lot and her stomach is aching. She hears cow’s sound and disconnects call thinking mama will know where she is. She then tries to sleep, but cannot due to mosquitoes and darkness. Dadaji comes with lantern and burns dried cow dung cakes to shoo away mosquitoes. He makes her sit, gives her milk to drink and asks if she is fine now. She says yes. He asks her to rest now and leaves.

Dushyanth enters cow shed and sees dadaji helping Sarojini, so he pricks cows with pin and panics them. Cows starts jumping. Sarojini picks her mom’s last gift and asks god not to let it go from her. Dadaji gets stuck between cows. Sarojini helps him and they both hide under cot. Dushyanth comes back and asks if they are still alive. Dadaji says jako rakhe saiyan…shayari/snippet and says he cannot even pluck his hair. Dushyanth says old man is protecting a trickster woman now. Dadaji starts feeling hand pain. Sarojini gets concerned for him.

Soumendra wakes up murmuring Sarojini’s name. Nirjhara calls family that soumendra is awake now. Sapna enters and Soumendra asks where is madamji. She says ammaji wanted a grand entry for Sarojini, so after he went unconscious she greeted her in in a grand way. He asks where is she now. She says she has to perform some pooja and only after that she can meet him.

Precap: Dadi asks Dushyanth what is their next plan. Soumendra hears that and asks what plan?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate DAT man

  2. KartofflMuter

    If Dush the Mush doesn’t quit or back off,this show is getting too stupid for me. I like the couple and the grandfather but the total lack of courage is ridiculous.If you don’t feed your own wife or parents you belong in jail.Making old people fast is criminal. Tying them up,forcing them to stand for hours,never letting your daughter out of the house,all criminal the way he does it. Lock the Dushman up. And beat him.

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