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Sarojini 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini throwing Soumendra and Komal’s milk glasses. Komal shouts what rubbish is this. Sarojini says she had kept rat posion mixed milk for rats and Bhaskar unowingly boiled that milk and served them. Komal hugs Soumendra and says Sarojini saved him on time, else he would have lost his brother.

Sarojini goes to Bhaskar and says he did wrong by mixing rat poison in Komal’s milk. Though Komal troubled him, he should not be to harsh. Komal even troubled her and even now troubling, but she will try to change him with good deeds and will not try to kill him. Soumendra comes and Bhaskar hugs and apologizes for risking his life and says he mixed poison for Komal, bud did not know he would force him to drink his milk. Soumendra says it is okay.

A lady

comes with 2 children asking for Komal. Sarojini greets her in and calls Komal. Komalcomes with Soumendra and says he is Komal. Lady says her daughter needs a doll and she had gone to his shop, but there was no stock. He says he does not sell doll at home. Soumendra brings doll box and asks girl to pick whichever toy she needs. Komal shouts to take back box. Sarojini asks girl and boy what are their names. They say names. She asks in which class they are. Girl says she is not studying. Lady says it is waste to get the girl educated. Sarojini says she is thinking wrong, women are in every field today and are equal to men. Boy falls unconscious. She sprinkles water on boy and wakes him up and asks if he is fine. Mom says he was studying whole night and is acting to escape further studies. Sarojini asks if she cannot see boy’s condition, touches his forhead and says he is having high fever and should be taken to doc. Lady says doc will write many tests and will force her to spend lots of money, she will buy medicine from chemist. Sarojini says she is thinking very wrong, she wants daughter not to study and is overburdening son to study, she continues her moral gyaan. Lady apologizes and thanks her and leaves. Komal watches her carefully.

Sarojini tells Soumendra that Komal is changing and they have to get him out of crime. Gulabo comes and says she has a plan. Soumendra goes to Komal and after a bit of drama says he is in Sarojini’s love and wants to marry her. Komal slaps him and asks to think of Sarojini like that again. Sarojini senses he is loving her and informs Soumendra. Soumendra jokes that she is too good that anyone would love her. Gulabo comes and says Sarojini is right, Komal is loving her. Sarojini asks what to do now, how will they get back their house. Gulabo tells plan that Komal loves Soumendra a lot and will not deny his request of marrying her. They can get back home easily with her plan.

Precap: Komal tells Sarojini’s family that Sarojini will marry his brother Munna. Sarojini says only if he transfers this house in her family’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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