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The Episode starts with Tarika threatening Somendra and keeps electrical warmer on Nirjhara’s neck. She says I will see if you want your wife’s freedom or your mum’s safety. Sarojini asks him to go and says Tarika will open the door. Tarika refuses. Somendra feels helpless and goes. Sarojini calls someone and thinks just see Bua ji how do I come out now. The Police team comes and asks if anyone is here. Somendra asks what happened? Inspector says your wife has filed case of domestic violence. She said your family had tortured her for money. Dadi says she is a liar. Inspector says she called us and informed that she was locked inside a room. Tarika gets tensed hearing Inspector saying that person will be in jail. Tarika imagines herself in jail. Dada ji asks Daadi to let police do their work and

takes them towards Sarojini’s room. Tarika opens the lock before they reach there. Sarojini comes out of room. Inspector asks are you Sarojini? Did you call in the morning? Sarojini says yes. Inspector asks her to tell who is torturing her. Nirjhara asks her to tell the truth. Sarojini looks at Tarika.

Sarojini asks Shall I tell the truth Bua. She says actually I was having some misunderstanding with the family members. She says someone locked the room thinking I am not inside, when I shouted nobody heard me as they were on terrace. She apologizes for disturbing him. The Inspector asks if you are saying this on someone’s pressure. Sarojini says no. Somendra and everyone looks on. Inspector asks her to call him if something happens to her again. Sarojini thanks him. Tarika thinks she got saved. Sarojini says I could have send you to jail now itself, but I want to see your dirty game. She reminds her of the torture which she done with them, and says I am not like them, but I am Sarojini and you have to face me. Daadi asks Tarika to come along with her and says Sarojini is very clever. Tarika is angry and looks at Sarojini. Tarika thinks what to do to Sarojini and thinks Police came because of her.

Sarojini informs Somendra that it was a fake police. Sarojini tells she have their number and called them here. Somendra claps for her and says your smartness is superb. Sarojini says afterall whose wife I am? Somendra says she is his wife. She gets Indra’s call and picks the call. Indra tells her that she was missing her, and says I know you are angry with me. Sarojini asks her to forget it and think about future. Indra asks about the marriage functions. Sarojini tells her about Tarika Bua. Indra gets tensed. She tells about pagphera rasam and says it can’t happen. Sarojini asks her not to worry and says I will fulfill that rasam. Indra says no one will agree. Sarojini asks her to leave everything on her and come home. Somendra asks Sarojini what you are doing? Sarojini explains to him that she is Indra’s bhabhi and she will fulfill her duty, asks him not to worry.

Indra comes home and thinks don’t know if the family will accept me or not. Sarojini informs Nirjhara that Indra is coming for pagphera and she has called her. Nirjhara says doors are closed for her. Sarojini says if Indra is happy with Samar then we should also be happy with her happiness. Nirjhara nods no. Just then they see Indra coming. Sarojini asks her to come inside the house. Indra is about to step inside, but Tarika hit on her feet, says you can’t come inside the house after blackening my brother’s face. Sarojini asks why can’t she enter? She is also a daughter like you. Tarika asks her to stop it and says she is a good daughter. She asks Sarojini to stay like bahu and not to step out of house. Pandit ji comes and says he got the kumkum tilak done as she asked. Sarojini asks him to give thaali to Indra. He gives the thaali in Indra’s hand. Indra sees the clothes and smiles. Sarojini says I have started thinking like you and knew that you won’t let this rasam happen, and I got her name’s kumkum done so that she gets her right. Nirjhara smiles. Sarojini asks Indra to go as Samar must be waiting for her. Indra goes. Tarika thinks may be I am attacking at the wrong place, and thinks she will attack Sarojini’s stomach.

Nirjhara tells Sarojini that this is the first Makar Sanskranti after your marriage. We will celebrate it nicely. Daadi asks them to celebrate and says her son is in jail. Nirjhara says we are sad too and says we are being punished for his sin, but won’t let my son and daughter in law suffer. She asks Sarojini to write, and tells her about til laddoo, chudwa and khichdi. Daadi is irked. Tarika thinks they will not get a single grain of til and I will make you dependent on me. She comes to kitchen and takes the utensils from Sapna’s hand. Sarojini, nirjhara and Daadi come to kitchen and see her emptying all the grains in a big bag. She asks Nirjhara to give keys and says all the grains and ration is in her custody now. She says she will decide when will store room opens. Sarojini says this is not humanity. Tarika asks did you do humanity with my brother. Daadi says you used to say that store room keys should be in woman’s hand and my daughter is also a woman. Tarika says the food will be cooked if I give order. She says I will do what Dushyant used to do in this house. Sarojini says you can’t keep us hungry and can’t snatch our ration. Tarika says I have snatched it already and says I will make everyone die with hunger. Sarojini, and everyone are shocked.

Sarojini tells Daadi that she can’t let the Tarika Bua fulfill her wish and says she wants to break the store room lock. She breaks it. Tarika Bua orders that Sarojini will be hungry for one week. Somendra gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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