Sarojini 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini thinking why Munna sent him to kitchen while signing property papers, she needs to find out. She goes to his room while he is sound asleep and searches paper. She hides seeing him moving. She then sees paper under his pillow and silently picks it and is shocked to see soumendra’s signatures on it. She thinks how can signatures be same, there is something wrong with signatures and tattoo on Munna’s body, she has to inform family. Munna acts as sleeping to let her clear her doubt. Soumendra steals mobile from sleeping constable and calls her just then. She disconnects call. He thinks she must have disconnected call in sleep and calls her again. Munna wakes up and slaps her for entering his room at midnight and asks what is she doing with papers.

She says dog was tearing paper and she snatched it from dog. Soumendra calls her again. Munna breaks phone shouting how dare she is to keep mobile being a servant

Indira enters her room and sees is dark. She calls Samar and presses switches unsuccessfully. She calls Samar again. Samar comes, burns candle and pours hot wax on his hand. Indira gets worried and says his hand will burn. he says let it burn, it is better than living without her love. She gets emotional and he hugs him. She sees Bijli standing in white sari holding candle and shouts that someone is there. Bijli escapes and Samar says nobody is there.

Sarojini calls doc and asks him to bring polygraph machine. He says he will try. She tells family that doc is coming to examine Soumendra. Doc comes. Munna starts showing tantrums and says he will not get examined. Whole family catches him and tie to a bed. Doc gives him injection and he falls asleep. Doc connects polygraph machine to his head and extremity and says if he says truth, light will glow green or else red. He asks if he is Soumendra. Munna say no. Light glows green. Doc says if he is member of this family. He says no. Light glows green again. Sarojini tells Nirjhara that she knew he is an imposter and not soumendra, she will call police who will ask him where is soumendra. She picks phone, but Munna says this family’s son’s name is Soumendra Dushyanth Parataph Singh. Whole family loves Soumendra. Green light glows He further tells doc that he will reveal a lot now. Saroini is shocked.

Precap: Munna accepts in front of Sarojini that he is not Soumendra, but a look alike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. please let soumendra show up with the police before it is too late

  2. Mmmmmh all indian serials hav got same writters with the same storyline, this lookalike thing is too much

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