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Sarojini 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth imaging mopping floor and Nirjhara ordering him resting on cot and thinking that Susie will make him work like this. Susie comes and says she is ready to have dinner. Dushyanth greets her. Susie praises Soumendra’s culinary skills and kisses his hands. Everyone shy while Dushyanth says she can kiss Soumendra’s hands. Manu yells. Susie asks Soumendra how he handles this hot chilli. Everyone smirk. Manu thinks she will know what hot chilli is.

Susie tastes food and shouts that it has lots of chillies and runs towards her room. Dushyanth asks Soumendra why did he add so many chillies. Soumendra says he tasted food before serving and it was fine. Dushyanth sends him to check Susie. Soumendra goes and feeds Sarojini sugar looking aside.

She says she is not ugly that he is turning his face. He looks at her face and continues feeding. She says it is enough now.

Dushyanth gathers whole family and asks who mixed chilli powder. Manu says Nirjhara and says she saw her mixing chilli powder. Nirjhara shouts that she is lying. Soumendra asks Manu if she is sure. Manu says why will she lie him. Soumendra goes to room, brings camera and says this will give judgement. Dushyanth asks what is this. He says Susie madam gave this camera and reminisces Susie giving it to him and asking it to fix in kitchen and record him cooking. He says let us watch on TV.

Manu thinnks she wanted to come on TV but not like this. They all see Manu mixing chilli powder. Nirjhara strangulates her neck for alleging her. Soumendra stops her and asks Manu why did she do this. Manu says she got jealous when Susie promised Soumendra to take him on world tour if he prepares tasty food, so she mixed chilli powder. Dushyanth asks Manu to apologize her. Manu says sorry. Susie asks to touch her feet as per Indian tradition and apologize. Manu does hesitantly. Susie says Manu must have mixed poison in constable’s food and alleged Nirjhara before. Dushyanth takes Manu outside and says people drop axe on their feet but she is dropping feet on axe. Susie will bring them a lot of money and she should not try her dirty tricks on Susie.

Nirjhara with Indira goes to Susie’s room and thanks her for saving her today. Susie says not to worry until she is here. Bhaskar comes and knocks door. Susie opens and asks what happened. He says he brought kulfi for her and insists to have it. She tastes it and says it is nice. He sees tattoo on her leg and asks what is it. She says tattoo. He says he will bring her more kulfi. She says he should serve elders instead. He says he will go right now.

Precap: Soumendra slips and falls on Susie by mistake. Their eyes lock. Manu sees that and fumes in jealousy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hahahaha…………
    Manu jealous ??

  2. Let dushyant ( greedy man) knows how families r valued than money

  3. Sarojini looks so cute in the western makeover. Somini rocks. Manu is funny love her acting.

  4. haha….that was cool????

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