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Scene 1:
Location: In the market
Sarojini is distraught to hear this recent turn of events neetu says that she might be going, but her sources shall tell her of imran’s whereabouts, and address, where she can go and conduct further investigation.

Scene 2:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Back home, rishab and the aunt bid a farewell to everyone. he starts gifting gifts to everyone, an ipad to dadaji, and a saree for granny, then he goes and tells nirjhara that he shall miss her the most, and thanks her for taking care of him, with love, and gives her a gift too. she gets teary eyed and emotional. he forcibly takes the pickle jar from her, which brings a smile on her face. he gives gifts to indira, sapna and bhaskar too. he asks him to stay back for some more days.

rishab says that he too wanted, but cant due to an urgent work. he looks around for sarojini, and then she comes back, sounding extremely tensed. dadaji asks her whats the matter. sarojini comes and tells what neetu told her to the family. they are all shocked, while rishab and his aunt are tensed. bhaskar taunts her for the overworking mind, and asks why would he confess then. she says that neetu has got evidence. she says that neetu shall send her the address of imran, and thn they can go there in the morning, and find out who is behind implicating him, and the real culprit, and how he is doing a crime, by agreeing to this. she reprimands the culprit for being so heinous, that he put an innocent man’s life at stake, and wonders how can they do it. rishab and his aunt are worried. sarojini says that she knows what they are thinking that they are getting late, and she is delaying them. she offers to leave them till the gate. nirjhara asks whats the matter and if she is fine. the aunt says that she isnt feeling well since morning, but shall have to go. while rishab picks up the bags, the aunt faints down, and all are shocked.

As they lay the aunt on the bed, all lie tensed, while the doctor comes and examines her. rishab asks if all is okay, and normal. the doctor complies. nirjhara asks what happened then, and why did she faint. the doctor cites it to stress. rishab reprimands her careless nature towards her health. dadaji asks them to take proper care of her. they all leave. sarojini asks him to let them know if she needs anything. after they are gone, she opens her eyes. rishab is shocked, and asks if she never actually fell ill, and how he got tensed. she says that she had no other option. the aunt then reveals that this was all her ploy, so that they can stay back, and check sarojini’s moves, and see to it that she is unable to uncover the truth about imran, so that they can protect their family, and asks if he agrees. he complies. the aunt starts thinking.

Later, rishab comes out, and they all ask whats the matter. he says that she has recovered consciousness, but hesitates. they ask hm to speak up without hesitation. bhaskar makes him sit down, and ask him to name what kind of help he needs. rishab hesitates and says that she needs rest, and hence tey cant travel and hence if by their permission, they can stay here, it would be wonderful. bhaskar asks him not to hesitate for a minute, as this house is his, and they are at his service, and he has already paid his advance, and he doesnt need a permission from anyone. nirjhara too ecstatically confirms, saying that he inwardly wanted it. granny asks if he remembers all the rules. dadaji teases that there shall be one more rule, that he shall have to play chess. Just then, sarojini gets a message and tells them that neetu sent a message, and she shall meet his family in the morning. nirjhara asks about the delivery for order tomorrow. sarojini is worried. dadaji asks her to go while they shall all together manage the order here. he wonders how to stop her, as he has to first reach at imran’s family, and stop them, and he might get it from the inspector. nirjhara, finds her tensed and asks him not to bother, as they are all here and they shall take care of her. she leaves. rishab leaves

In her room, the aunt talks to someone on the phone, asking him not to worry, as they shall leave soon, and then rishab shall handle everything. she pretends to be sick and tired, seeing someone approaching. nirjhara comes and asks if she is okay. she pretends to be weak. nirjhara says that she shall send her healthy porridge. she leaves. the aunt is disgusted by it. she decides to sleep so that noone wakes her. sarojini comes back after sometime, with food, but finding her asleep, she decides not to bother her, and goes to leave. just then, the mobile rings. the aunt is alert seeing the mobile ring, but is helpless that she cant get up. sarojini finds that its rishab’s call. Sarojini picks up the phone. oblivious to this, rishab speaks and asks for the phone number of the police inspector, and also informs her that the police inspector whom they bribed, is on leave. she is shocked to hear this while the aunt lying on the bed, is tensed and upset wondering whhat sarojini might hear. he says tht he doesnt know what to do, and asks if she is hearing. sarojini stands stunned and shocked. then she speaks up saying that she cant hear him properly. rishab gets a shock, and then composes himself, and pretends to have a bad signal. she is unable to listen to anything properly. he thinks that he got saved just by an inch of his skin. then sarojini leaves. the aunt lies down terrbly worried.

Later, when rishab comes back, the aunt says that they have no other option but to get the address from sarojini’s phone, as how she shall distract her, and he retrives the address. they get up and get to work.

Meanwhile, sarojini speaks to soumu, as to why things get upset just when they are about to get things better. the aunt comes and asks her to warm her soup, as its gotten cold. sarojini happily agrees and they both leave for the kitchen. she signals, and rishab takes the oppurtunity to sneak in her room. while she is warming the soup, the aunt waits tensdly, while rishab searches for the mobile phone. the aunt keeos her enegaged in talking about the pickles, and nirjhara’s culinary talent, while sarojini obliviously continues to chatter. he is unable to find the phone. the aunt thinks that she has to engage sarojini more, and asks her for a papad. sarojini complies, and the aunt buys more time. rishab finally finds the phone, but finds that the battery died. the aunt wonders whats taking him so long. he plugs in the charger, while sarojini finishes with giving her the papad. she walks out, and the aunt is worried. she stops her abruptly, and asks the aunt what happened. meanwhile, rishab comes out, and then gives her a thumbs up. she makes up a story of loving the papad. sarojini graciously ccepts, and then leaves for the room. the aunt heaves resigendly.

In her room, sarojini eyes the charged phone.

Meanwhile, the aunt comes and asks rishab if he managed to be successful. he shows her the address, and tells that the first thing, he shall do tomorrow is get to this address. the aunt smirks. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Rishab reaches the locality, and then gets to finding imran’s wife. he approaches her saying that he needs to talk to her for a minute. Just then, he hears sarojini’s voice from behind, asking him how is he here. he is shocked and stunned at a loss of an answer, while she is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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