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Sarojini 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mamaji slapping Mama and says it is limit now. You should shower love and blessings on Sarojini, but you are cursing her when she is going from here. He shouts asking her to go. He anezpologizes to Sarojini on his wife’s behalf. Sarojini cries and asks if he will separate her from him. He says no. Somendra thanks him. Maama gets emotional, gives her jewelry gift and advises her to spread love wherever she goes, etc.

Indira decorates aarti thali to greet Somendra and Sarojini. Dushyanth enters and throws thali. Whole family is shocked. He says Sarojini is a big trickster who tricked Soumendra and trapped him. He educated Soumendra and spent a lot of money, but Sarojini easily trapped Soumendra. He brainwashes family that sarojini will also trap them with her

buttery talks and will make them her slave, so they should grind her like wheat is grinded in chakki. Nirjhara asks him not to worry, she will not let Saroendjini near Soumendra and will torture her so much that she will repent why she trapped Soumendra. Soumendra in ambulance praises each family member, especially his mom in front of Sarojini.

Dadaji comes home with Soumendra and Sarojini and nurse. Bhaskar asks nurse to leave as he will take care of his brother now. Bhaskar takes Soumendra’s walker in. Sarojini tries to enter. Nijhara warns her dare not to enter in. Soumendra says she is his wife and tries to get up from walker, but falls unconscious due to weakness. Family takes soumendra and locks main door on Sarojini. Dada pleads to let Sarojini in, but Bhaskar drags him in.

Sarojini starts banging door. Nirjhara yells she does not know when will Sarojini free Soumendra, she is banging door repeatedly. Dushyanth says let her bang door. Sarojini calls Soumendra, but Dushyanth disconnects it. Sarojini calls Dadaji and Soumendra. Bhaskar jokes that she is asking dadaji’s help, but she does not know dadaji himself needs help, he has locked dadaji in and cannot come out. Dadaji comes with Indira and asks Dushyanth why is he brainwashing family and troubling his bahu. Dushyanth says marriage what he and dadji had and not what soumendra had by carrying Sarojini and doing pheras, he will never accept Sarojini as bahu. Dadaji says one two people love, whole world cannot berak their knot, soumendra loves sarojini and nobody can separate them. He will go and bring sarojini in. Bhaskar tries to stop him, but dadaji says he will break his head, pushes him and walks out. He tells sarojini not to worry, when soumendra gets up, he will fix things and if he was awake, nobody would have dared to trouble her. Dushyanth comes and asks what is he telling Sarojini and warns Sarojini to go back home and do her teacher giri and live a peaceful life.

Precap: Dadaji asks Dushyanth where will sarojini stay at night. Dushyanth says she can stay here but in gaushala/animal shed. Sarojini gets nauseated smelling cow dung.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It has been proven from this show that how horrible the condition of women in India.

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