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Sarojini 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sangram Singh’s goons following Sarojini to kill her and she running into jungle. Sarojini hides into bushes. Manisha watches ganster movie and thinks if she can also kill her sautan/Sarojini like in movie. Sarojini hears people walking with god’s idol and joins the troupe. She goes to temple with them and prays god to save her husband. God’s veil/chunri falls on her. Goons comes to catch her, but does not see her as she is in veil and walks out. A lady says god blessed her and will protect her. Sarojini asks a lady if this road goes towards hospital and starts running again on road. Goons start searching her again.

Sapna says Manisha that Soumendra’s operation has started, but she is enjoying TV instgead of getting worried for him. Manisha

says her luck is with Soumendra, so she does not have to worry. Sapna leaves. Manisha thinks she interested in Sarojini’s murder story than soumendra now and waits for call.

Goons find Sarojini and one of them hits her and she falls down on road with chunri, but with god’s blessing reopens her eyes.

Sangram consoles Dushyanth not to worry as Soumendra will be fine. Doc comes out and says Soumendra’s operation is successful and his hand need not be amputated. Dushyanth praises him that he is UP’s best doc and will be rewarded with state medal. Sangram says with his daughter’s luck, Soumendra is saved. Dushyanth says that calls for a party. Bhaskar says even he is eager to enjoy party. Sangram says first oldies will have party, then he will give it to youngster. Bhaskar says he is happy that he killed Sarojini and will wait for party.

Sarojini comes. They all 3 get angry seeing her. Bhaskar asks Sangram he told his men killed Sarojini, but she is alive. Sarojini says they must be surprised seeing her alive. Dushyanth says she escaped from drowing and now by goons, when will she die. Sangram says she should be happy as he is still there to tackle her. She says she has come to meet her husband and not argue with them. Dushyanth says she cannot meet Soumendra. Sarojini says she filed police complaint against Dushyanth and Sangram. Dushyanth says Sangram is rule of this area. Sarojini says she knew they would play their dirty tricks, so she recorded her statement and mailed to DIG, IGP, etc.. and informed if something happens to her, Dushyanth and Sangram will be responsible. They both groan in anger. Soumendra comes out of his room.

Precap: Soumendra asks Sarojini what she wanted to say. Dushyanth shows her scissors and signals not to utter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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