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Sarojini 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulabo crying after realizing that her son Munna is dead and one who is with present is Soumendra. She cries vigorously and says she tried to explain Munna not to get into crime, but he did not listen. Sarojini and Nirjhara console her and says soumendra is like her son now. Gulabo requests Sarojini to help her get Komal out of crime path. Sarojini nods yes.

Soumendra comes to Sarojini’s room at night. She asks how was his outing with bab bhai/Komal. He says he got drained and tries to kiss her. She says her beard is pricking her skin and asks him to shave his beard as he looks Komal’s Munna than her Soumendra. He looks into mirror and asks what is wrong in this beard. She asks him to shave it in the morning and go out now. He says mosquitoes will bite him if he sleeps outside. She applies mosquito repelent ointment on his hands and sends him out.

In the morning, Komal runs seeing Soumendra and says he is looking horrible. Whole family gathers and laugh on him. He asks what happened. They ask to go and see his face in mirror. He goes to room an comes out after shaving properly. Family says he is looking handsome. Komal provokes him to have a friendly fight with him and beats Soumendra ruthlessly and scolds that he is not fighting like his brother. Soumendra reminisces Komal’s cruelty for his family and beats him till he falls down. Bhaskar praises him and he kicks Bhaskar. Bhaskar falls down. Komal steps on Bhaskar and says servants should not speak. He orders Bhaskar to bring turmeric milk for them. Bhaskar thinks he knows what to do. Sarojini requests him not to do anything and have patience for some time. Bhaskar mixes poison in Komal’s milk and serves milk to him and Soumendra. Komal says they will drink milk like in childhood, feeding milk to each other and forces Soumendra to drink his milk.

Precap: Komal says Soumendra he wants to tell him something. Soumendra says even he wants to say something and says he loves madamji/Sarojini and wants to marry her. Komal slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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