Sarojini 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Munna ordering Sarojini to press his legs. She presses and sees bullet mark on his legs. He kicks her and she falls down. He shouts she is romancing him instead of serving. Inspector travels with Soumendra towards Pratapgarh when he gets a call from his team that they have caught Munna gang. He asks constable to take U turn. Soumendra pleads him to take him to Pratapgarh to prove his innocence, but inspector does not listen to him.

Munna gets intimate with Sarojini and touches her lustfully. She slaps him and leaves and thinks he she has to expose this imposter. Inspector puts Soumendra back behind bars and says now he will be hanged soon. Soumendra pleads him to let him prove his innocence and cries reminiscing Sarojini.

Munna comes home and tries to hit Sarojini. Family stops him and asks why is he always ready to torture Sarojini. He sheds fake tears and says because of her babuji is in jail and he could not see his bent head. Dadaji consoles him. He says babuji told to sell Allahabad land and informed about they buyer. Dadaji says he was planning to do business on it, then why he is selling it. Munna says it is babuji’s wish. He then brings dog and shoos it on Sarojini and Samar and says this dog will control servants from hereon.

Land buyer comes. Munna sends Sarojini to bring tea. She thinks why is he sending her in, prepares tea soon and brings it. Buyer gives 50 lakhs cheque in Tarika’s name. Tarika asks why her name. Dadaji says Munna that he should have got in his name. He says only Tarika has bank account, so he asked buyer to issue cheque in her name.

Munna then goes to room with Tarika and starts dancing on bhojpuri song. Tarika says they both will share 25 lakhs each. He says he has many more plans. Sarojini thinks she has to find out what Munna is planning.

Precap: Sarojini checks land deal papers and finds Soumendra’a fake signatures on it. She thinks she has to inform everyone about it. Just then, her phone rings. Munna wakes up and shouts at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Last 3 episode se soumendra ghar police van se travel kar raha hai but ghar aa nahi pa raha hai. Lol…

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