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Sarojini 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra dropping Susie/Sarojini to Manu’s room and telling she can call him if she needs anything. She sees lizard on bed and hugs him in fear. Manu comes there and shouts at Soumendra how dare he is to hug stranger woman. He says she got afraid of lizard. She says even then how can she hug stranger man and creates drama. She goes to Sangram and says she will stay here itself as this is her sasural. Sangram says he is happy that she is becoming intelligent.

Nirjhara takes Susie/Sarojini to kitchen and says this is her world. Susie says this world is more beautiful than outside world. Nirjhara says she speaks exactly like her bahu Sarojini and says her bahu is very loyal and pure hearted, these people kicked her out of house. She bows down and pleads

to get back her bahu somehow. Susie promises that she will get back her bahu here. Nirjhara smiles and thanks her.

Daadi asks Dushyanth why is he favoring Susie so much, Manu is getting jealous. He says if Soumendra marries Susie, they will get gold and silver in gifts for each occasion and their grandchildren will be very fair and will speak only in English. Their whole house will be full of gold. Daadi starts dreaming.

In kitchen, Bhaskar prepares food with Soumendra and Dadaji yelling. Soumendra says they have to as per Dushyanth’s order. Dadaji says Dushyanth asked Bhaskar to prepare rotis. Bhaskar says he cannot. Nirjhara with Sapna and Manu looks from window and says she cannot believe it. Dushyanth comes and says he will prepare tasty food for Susie madam. Manu adds chilli powder in food and thinks Susie will shout and her skin will turn red.

Susie comes to kithen and says he seems to be a good cook. He says his wife taught it. She asks Manu??? He says Sarojini.

Servant informs Susie that villagers have come. She goes out and meets villagers. A woman pleads to save her from her husband. Husband says she is adamant to meet her parents. Susie says when he can be with his parents, then why can’t his wife meet her parents. Dushyanth says she is right, even he has same thinking and orders man to take his wife to her parent’s house. Sapna says she did not meet her parents since 3 years. Dushyanth panics and says she can go right now and asks Bhaskar to take her. She says she will serve Sarojini and will go once she goes from here.

Sarojini then tastes food and says it is very tasty, but her mouth burns due to chilli powder mixed by Manu.

Precap: Sarojini cries due to mouth burning. Soumendra feeds her sugar looking away. She asks her to look at her face as she is not ugly. He looks at her face and feeds her sugar. Manu gets jealous seeing this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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