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Sarojini 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth tie Nirjhara, Sapna and Daadi’s hair together as a punishment. Bhaskar pleads him to forgive Sapna, but Dushyanth says this is just first installment of punishment and also Bhaskar to kneel down for 24 hours. Daadi yells at him and asks how will she go to washroom. He gives scissors and asks to cut her hair and the go.

All three ladies start blaming each and scolding each other for pulling hair. Nirjhara blames Daadi, daadi blames Sapna and then Sapna blames daadi for telling it to Dushyanth. Daadi starts yelling. Sapna says she use to have even nonveg and multicuisine at her parent’s house and even their dog is healthy like a bull eating wasted food. Daadi yells that her dad came and sat for a week pleading to get her married to Bhaskar.

Sapna says that is her ill fate. They all start fight loudly. Bhaskar asks them to stop, but they continue. He breaks mud pot to silence them and leaves. All 3 ladies then think of lying instead of standing for 24 hours, place bedsheet on floor and then sleep on it.

Dushyanth comes back and orders Nirjhara to get him hot water. She suddenly wakes up and hurts Daadi and Sapna. They all 3 start yelling at each other. Dushyanth comes back and asks Nirjhara if she is alive. She wakes up. He says he will free them today, but their punishment will continue. He says they will not have food for 7 times/today’s dinner and next 2 days.

Soumendra calls Dushyanth and Dushyanth says he is hearing many complaints about him. Soumendra says it is just a false news and asks how is he. He says his family members stole groceries from home. Soumendra asks what all they stole and its work. dushyanth says 1/2 kg soji, 10 g ghee, etc, etc… of around 250 rs. Soumendra says he eats breakfast of more than 250 rs. Dushyanth asks him to spend less but starts praising his broken English.

Sarojini reaches school and sees soumendra holding sorry cadboard again. She fumes and thinks how can she forgive him after his so many misbehaviors. She walks into school while Soumendra silently watches her walking in. While going back home in bus, she then sees him standing again with sorry card and it continues for 2-3 days. One day she sees Soumendra missing and people gathered around an injured man. She stops bus and runs towards injured man and is shocked to see Soumenda unconscious on road with head injury. She shouts Soumendra in diselief.

Soumendra and Sarojini promote Tashn-e-ishq serial from 8 p.m. tonight.

Precap: Dushyanth sends food to his daughter via servant. Daughter sees Nirjhara and others starving and throws food in front of dog.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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