SARAVANAN MEENATCHI……. Natpum kaadhalum……(Epi-5)


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Saravanan along with Shah accompany Murugan to the nearby lake (kammai) which is by the side of blissful agricultural fields for bathing. All men were wearing lungis. They were walking. Mean while Sudha and Kaavya force Meenatchi to come with them to fields to set her mood right. As she was upset about her lost bag. Their fields are by side of Murugan’s fields. They walk. Meenatchi and her sisters reached pumpset and turned on motor. Water starts flowing. Her sisters signalled each other and suddenly splashed water on Meenatchi. Ahe was stunned. Slowly she started smiling. Finally all three were playing with water. It seemed as if white swans were enjoying their water ride. The senario was so lovely.

Other side Saravanan reached their field.
Mur: Be careful bro. Bcoz the mud is so slopy. U might slip.
Sar: Haha. These mud bridges are more trustable than our city bridges. He carelessly placed his foot on it and slipped into the muddy water. His dress got wrost.
Suddenly a burst of laughter was heard. It was Sudha and Kaavya. While Meenatchi had already departed to change her clothes. Saravanan got embarrassed. Murugan too giggled. This irritated saravanan. While helping he wantedly pulled murugan too and gave a villanious smile.
Murugan asked for sudha’s help. She took a long stick and using it she pulled both of them.

Sar: By the way dear sisters iam saravanan.
Kaavya: Saravanan means??? How do we know r u a superstar r what?
Saying this sudha and kaavya laughed.
Mean while Shah introduced himself. Hai iam Shah working as a cheif Rj in Radio mirchi. U should hav listened my name many times. Isnt it.
Sudha: No we havent listened such a name so far.
Shah’s mouth was shut. Saravanan laughed.
Then Saravanan introduced himself. Then sisters went. Saravanan thought in this village from the starting my image is getting damaged. I should hav some connection here.

After finishing bath all assembled for brkfast in Murugan’s house. It was Sundays spl. Kari kozhambu vaasam ala sundi izhukuthadi…… This was the song created by saravanan himself and was humming. Mean while Maha entered. He closed his mouth. They finished brkfast. Its then Saravanan and Shah are getting ready to go their shoot. Murugan entered the room to guide them with the address.

By then Saravanan showed the bag and enquired about Meenatchi. Murugan told that she is my sisters best friend. He called Maha. Maha saw the bag and thanked Saravanan as Meenatchi was very upset losing it. Saravanan handed over the bag to Maha. He also reminded her to tell meenatchi that it was him who got the bag safely. Maha stared at him with a smile and left.

Next day Maha gave the bag to Meenatchi and explained everything to her. Meenatchi thanked Saravanan. And asked Maha to convey it. Next day Meenatchi went to temple with Maha. Saravanan was shooting there in madapalli about the recepie of famous puliotharai. The temple has an elephant as its pet animal. His name is ramu. Saravanan noticed Meenatchi entering temple. He wondered whether she is really a girl on earth r else the idol of the temple is coming in disguise. She looked stunning.

Saravanan wantedly went to Meenatchi but he spoke to Maha appreciating her beauty. Mean while….
Mee: That i want to….
Sar: I know u r also beautiful. I just did it to make u talk first.
Mee: Oh pls, i dont care about external beauty. I called u to thank u for my bag. Evn if u had not talked i would hav thanked u any how.
Saravanan again got nose cut. Saying this Meenatchi went inside. Saravanan called her asking cant we be friends. She just smiled without answering and went.

Meenatchi and Maha went into the temple to do pooja. Saravanan returned to his shoot. Saravanan got apples for pooja and he kept it on his bag beside his costly sound recording machine. Ramu is very fond of apples. He saw it on saravanan’s bag. So he marched forward vigorously to grab it. Meenatchi noticed it. She thought of alerting Saravanan but there was no time left.She ran. Mean while Saravanan turned and saw Ramu. Within secs Saravanan tried to move but Meenatchi swarmed and saved his recording machine. They collided each other. Meenatchi fell on Saravanan and they rolled.
Yelo yelo yeeloo ye ye ye yeee yeeelooo plaays……..

She then stood up. Her kumkum was stuck to his shirt. He thanked her stating that that machine costed 2,00,000/- If it had got damaged then his job would have gone. She said its ok and asked him be careful here after.
He forwarded his hand and asked friends??
She again smiled and went. He was puzzled.

Precap: Tamil slapped Saravanan……

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Credit to: Tamizh

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