SARAVANAN MEENATCHI……. Natpum kaadhalum…… Epi 4

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Its morning 6.00 A. M. But still sun is blazing. Morning warmth filled with chilled air breezed Meenatchi’s face, who got ready to depart in thirunelveli. By then she got a call and went out to answer. Its her brother Tamil asking about her comfort. Suddenly a blast was heard near her seat. Ppl surrounded. She rushed to see what happened. Its Saravanan who fell down from his berth in sleep. Meenatchi was unable to control her laughter. She and Shah laughed out aloud. By then Saravanan’s phone rang. Ring tone is ” singam ondru purapatadhay…..” This further induced Meenatchi’s laughed. Saravanan sported a fake smile on his face out of embarrassment. He then attended the call. Its his father Raja sekar.

Raj: Good morning my son. Wake up early. With in half an hour i guess u will reach Thirunelveli.
Sar: Dont u hav any job at home. Calling me and irritating. Bcoz of u i got insulted.
Raj: What i did ?? I thought of helping u. But u r firing me
Sar: Thank u so much for ur help. Now cut the call
Raja sekar thought to himself that its not time for goodness.( Nallathukae kaalam ilama pochuda)

By then train reached Thirunelveli. Whistle banged. Meenatchi collected her luggage and got down the train. Mean while Saravanan came out from rest room and surveyed all his belongings and about to get down. He then noticed some handbag. He opened it. Many important certificates and bank pass book was there. Its Meenatchi’s. He thought God is trying to link us. He got down the train and searched for her.He then checked the address and thought its the same village kallidaikuruchi so i will meet her and will hand over her bag. He went. Its just then Meenatchi swarmed into the train and searched her bag. But it was not found. With wetted eyes she filed complain in Railway police and departed in cab.

Saravanan enjoyed his ride into the village. He then reached Murugan’s house. A nice big rangoli welcomed them. But without noticing it properly Saravanan stepped on it. Murugan who was Saravanan’s junior in his college welcomed them.
Mur: welcome boss. Come in quickly.
Sar: why if we come slowly will u not allow us r else any ghost will haunt us?
Shah: not so a worthy joke.
Mur: Ghost will not haunt u but my sister will
Sar: i cant get u
Mur: u stepped on my sisters rangoli.
If she notices it then u r finished. So come in.

Mean while Maha enters there and sees it. She wantedly stated which buffalo had done this. Saravanan accepted it and apologised. He started flirting with her. Maha got irritated and about to leave by then her Dhawani stuck and is about to fall. Saravanan catched her.
Dhawani pota deepavali …….plays.

Shah made sign as if he is switching of the tape recorder and asked Saravanan to come into senses as she had already went. Shah taunted saravanan and asked him to have some shy. Saravanan smiled innocently.

Precap: Saravanan shows the bag to Murugan

Sorry guys it was a short epi. For sure will update a long one next time. Sorry. Pls comment and support friends.

Credit to: Tamizh


  1. akshaya

    superb ah ezhudaraa tamizh. saravanan ringtone superb . naan old saravanan meenatchi episodes ah nomba miss pannen. ippo nee ezhudara la athanala avangala miss panala. please konjam periya episode ah kudu. please. nomba chinnatha iruku. please tamizh and thank u once again for posting.

    • Mithra

      Naanum thaan akshaya…I miss old sm so much…Ippo ulla vettiyan meenatchi ennaku pudikala…Miss senthil sreeja so much

      • vidhya

        hey u r writing one ff in kkb right….. y u stoped it?? sorry if u r not the one…..

  2. Maya

    Romba nalla irukku i also like the old sm a lot they were very funny and their comic timing was superb! Akshaya sonna mathiri nee ezhuthuratha padicha appuram naanum avangala miss pannala!??

  3. Varsha

    Super a ezhudureenga tamizh.. Unga ff a padikumpothu pazhaya saravanan meenatchi nyabagam varudhu.. Naan apo chinna ponna tan Irunthen.. Irunthaalum enakku avangala romba pudikkum…
    Enakku IPO Tamil LA comment panradhe romba sandhosama irukku…

  4. krishnai aka ww

    akka superb…. neenga empovama superba post pannringa….. really fantastic….. so hw was ur exams akka???? i know u would have rocked it… i got my results akka….. all the best for ur results akka…….

    i m waiting for the next update….

    actually who is maha???? i forgot the character…..

    hope u remember me……

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..