SARAVANAN MEENATCHI……. Natpum kaadhalum…… Epi 2

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Saravanan wakes up from his bed and directly enters into kitchen demanding fr coffee. His mother sharadha shouts at him for having coffee without brushing but he seems to show no care as he is used to it daily. He jumps over the sofa and grabs the paper from his fathers hand and starts reading the sports column. Raja sekar knows his behaviour and tries to read the news paper by bending from his place and finally falls down from sofa. Saravanan slightly moves the newspaper and sees his dad fallen and laughs.
Y Mr. Raja daily u r trying to read it and getting fallen. Am i going to run away with your paper? Ennapa neenga ipadi pandringalae pa!!!!!! Raja sekar stares at him and says its all my fate to hav a son like u da. I hav told her(sharadha) during pregnancy itself to abort u as our family astrologer told me that because of this child u will face many falls in ur life. But i didnt listen. And i had never thought i will fall like this daily!!!! (in a funny tone). Saravanan says dont do irritating comedy dad. Kovam vara maadhiri comedy pannatha pa….. He then leaves to bath. After all dressing ups he reaches the dining table and shouts saying hungry. Sharadha doesnt react. So he starts beating the plate with the spoon. Raja sekar says Y r u ringing bell as if u r gonna eat the food in a jail. Ur mom too gets the food only after this bell and laughs. Saravanan smrinks. Sharadha enters there with hot idly and spicy sambhar and pudhina chutney. Saravanan looks at it and asks y ma always idly. Cant u try something different. Then for what hell do u subscribe for cookery channel? Mean while Raja sekar says my son ur mom itself cooks rarely. If u comment on her then we both should go in front of each house asking for food. So shut and eat. Saradha gives her characteristic expression and sound unnnnuuuuuuuhhhhhh……
Saravanan finishes his brkfast and leaves in his loveable bike. He turns it on……rrrrhhhrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhrrrrrhhhhh.

Here a powerful bullet comes to a halt in front of a temple. Its Tamil. Meenatchi after her darshan walks out and gives prasad to her only brother. Then she boards the bike with him and reaches home. She quickly changes her outfit from pavadai thavani which gave her a bubbly and charming look to a elegant cotton saree which now confers her a responsible dignified look. All the family members reaches the dining table sharp at 8.00 AM as it is their tiffin time. Not only fr that but also for the reason that the food is prepared by Meenatchi.
Friday , saturday and sunday are slots of meenatchi. She prepares food on these days. After enjoying a typical delicious pongal, vadai and sambar all r now ready to go to their work. Tamil drops meenatchi in her school.

At school, Another cute girl on her way to staff room collides with meenatchi and the exam papers in her hand falls down. Meenatchi bends down and collects all papers and hands it over to her and smiles. She is Maha. Meenatchi’s best friend. Teacher in the same school. Maha’s parents are also a respectable family in kallidaikurichi. To note they are arch rivals of Meenatchi’s family. Maha’s younger brother is murugan, a well studied soft spoken person.
Tamil’s best friend is Arunachalam, Inspector of kallidaikurichi. Maha’s own cousin(thai maman). Maha has a love interest on him but he is interested in Meenatchi. After knowing this Maha managed to control herself. But Meenatchi has gently said no to him indirectly in many ways as she has focus only on her aim. Meenatchi’s another school friend is myna.

Saravanan reaches his Radio Mirchi office. There everybody greets him but he delebrately greets only her. She is Yamini. His love interest but she seems to hav no interest on him. Saravanan’s bestie is Shah a fun loving person.
After all his shows Saravanan returns home where he sees Marriage assembler(tharagar) talking to his parents. A slight heart attack in his heart. He rushes in and quickly asks him to go out saying he has no interest in marriage now. His mother Sharadha stares at him.
My dear son whats the necessary for your marriage soo soon. We r looking it for ur sister says Raja sekar in a naughty taunting tone. Saravanan blushes and every one laughs at him. The marriage assembler tells about a family and finally confirms a guy. Then they go to Soundarya’s room and asks her whether they could call the grooms family here tomorrow to look at her. She says as per ur wish mom nd dad but my only condition is that the groom should be well educated. The broker informs them that the grooms family wil b coming here tomorrow evening from Thirunelveli.

There on the other hand Shanthi confirms to the same broker that they will be coming tomorrow to look at the girl. Its for Tamil. Unfortunately the broker sends them the wrong address of girl i.e. Soundarya’s address. They actually should go nd meet some other girl.
Shanthi makes all arrangements to go to chennai and Meenatchi too accompanies them………

Precap: Saravanan and Meenatchi’s first meeting.

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Ohhh superb next epi will be the best thnx yaar

  2. Nice ff
    …continue ot pls

  3. Shruthi Ravichandran

    This is kkb ff but u r writing sarvanan menatchi ff then how we will cmnt.but u r ff is gud.i didnt meant to hurt u but dont write sm ff in kkb page

    1. Dude.. Its telly update mistake… We just upload our epi.. Telly update only posting t on related pages….. Otherwise our ff will be shown only on fanfiction page…

  4. nice episode tamizh

  5. super tamizh pls don’t stop writing pa…… romba nalla irukku …… definitely all will like this ….. and keep going…… adutha part a seekram upload pannunga…

  6. its very good thamizh i could recall saravanan meenatchi in front me
    go ahead ,dont stop writing all the best

  7. Superb tamizh . rock on yaar.

  8. Namma Tamil culturea adichika yaralaiyum mudiyathu,,,,really romba rombaa,nalla irundhuchu dear,,,,,

  9. Waiting for their meeting,,

  10. omg.. i was just taken aback to 2011… when i was in schooll…. omg… wow tamil… u r awesome…. i mean… oh no… i couldnt even say anything else…. i really like kuyili and raja shekar convo… they r just best… and imagining them with the same charm is really not a small thing.. which i salute for u… and …. dont worry abt comments… sometimes telly update dont upload some comments… and u have recieved 60+ comments in intro… which s a record in ff world…. i had recieved only 20 comments… but now i have crossed 70 parts recieving 70+ comments… and i know if number of comments fall… we will be upset… but i m damn sure that ur story gonna a super duper hit…

    and i thought of asking u abbt myna… and wow… u made her frnd of meenatchi.. its awesome,…. make vetayan as her pair.. i really like vetayan myna pair… also vetayan meenatchi… but in this ff.. there s saravanan meenatchi nah.. so my small suggestion… and decision willl be yours only….

    and .. i wish u to read my ff… i m posting it from beginning in blog… here s the link… i know .. you will surely like it.. give a try and read my epis….


    … a story with full emotions… friendship love and hatred… intro first epi second epi third epi fourth epi

  11. Superb yaar…as i had xams i was not able to comment on anyones ff….but from now ill do my best in commenting…..

  12. Hello, idhukkupoi varuthapaduvangala. Who told? Most hindi ff comments are up and down. 1 vaati comment ezhudharavanga, next time miss paniduvanga. . I saw some ff are just 1 or 2 comments. But still they are writing. I admire their interest .Unga episodukkaga I am waiting from the evening. How many times I opened this coloum, I dont know. Last, I want to tell you something, Writing is a gift. Pls dont stop.

  13. Gud one yaar…continue

  14. super tamil im waiting nxt episode plz continue

  15. Plz tamizh don’t stop this ff… I love the old Saravanan meenakshi a lottt… Wat if cmmnts don’t come… ur words are so lively that they create pictures in the mind of anyone who is reading it!

  16. Pls continue it’s amazing y not Tamil we talk Hindi in foreigner it’s not ours then we consult to shame to talk Tamil in Hindi people we all r only one identity that’s we r Indians.

  17. Rocking

  18. nice episode..

  19. Superb dr………loved it………….

  20. hi tamil. wow very superb. i missed saravanan meenatchi so much. sorry i couldnt comment regularly as i am taking my board. please continue. i am eagerly waiting for ur next episode

  21. Tripthi Arora

    Hey Tamil ! so nice pa
    naan sm 1 paathathe illa ana ungaloda intha episode padiccathukku apparam paakanumnu romba aasya iruuku ana enna panrathu exam iruuke . Netla naa ff padikkiradu therinchale naa semiya vanguven ana kantippa exam mudinchadukku apparam ppapen and soo ssoooooo soooory as ennala unga ffiku continousa comment panna mudiyadhu

  22. Semma tamizh

  23. Very nice

    Naan SM seasion 1 pakkum Endru assai Paten but time kidaikale…..
    so ippa happya iruuku…..
    thanks tamil

  24. Hi tamizh plz stop panadhiga

  25. super yar.. make myna frnd of vettaiyan meenakshi

  26. Super….. Pa I m going to very existing for next Epi….

  27. fav saravanan meenatchi…..episode gud

  28. It’s fabulous
    Awesome please continue soon
    I loved it totally
    Eagerness overloaded

  29. Hey thamizh epi ws awesome… waiting for next one… saravanan meenatchi meeting… 🙂 🙂 coments pathi la yosikathinga… tu oru sila comments la update panradhu ila… so pls continue…

  30. It’s really nice tamizh….adutha episode ku wait panren…..pls stop pannadinga…

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  32. y Shanmathi (fan of yrkkh)

    I was surprised to see saravanan menakshis ff and was happy to see some ffin Tamil also i not getting words to explain .myna……a bigg gift that u gave to the old Saravanan menakshi .I m a great fan of senthil and srijha ( saravanan menakshi) my heart says me to write more
    love saravanan menakshi 1. really missing it thank u gave a new start to SM

  33. Wow great ff tamizh..
    Saravanan meenatchi Ku puthuyir kudutha mathiri irukku…
    Inga neraya tamilians irukanga.. Ungalukku neraya support kedaikum..
    Kavala padathinga sissy..
    Unga ff semaya irukku..
    Pls itha continue pannunga sis..

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  35. awesome anna u r damn good semaya ezhuthuringa neenga poi varutha padalama tamilians varutha padave kudathu eppavum naamalum sirichitu mahtavangalaiyum sirikka vaikanum anna so kavala ppadathinga tamil ku niraya power undu again saravana meenatchi seriously naan mudhal mudhal paartha serial nyabagam varuthu sema anna daily update pannunga pls pls pls humble request by ur thangachi…

  36. Taaru maaru Tamizh… Chancey illa…. Saravannan Menaakshi rocks.. Thanks for this wonderful FF…..
    And don’t just see it as Tamil FF Hindi FF guys…
    Saravannan Meenakshi is an awesome couple like Ishra….. Just enjoy these couples love…
    Tamizh… Good job ma…

  37. super ma

  38. wellwisher (ww) swadarsh fan

    pinnithinga tamizh………… chanceya illa……….. ur description n way of writing is the best………. never seen such a author,……… actually i missed ur intro……… could pls send me that link………… aprom Meenu’s mother name s Parvathi right?? anyways this name is also nice……… love shreeja n senthil…………. my sis saw the only n one serial is this n stopped after they quite the show…………. n myna character nice…………. i love nandhini to the core…………. sorry for replying late………… i m in class 10 from Madurai writing board exam………….. so bit busy…………. if possible i will tell all my frnds, family members to read urs n comment…………. we are all crazy fan of smm……….. but now they have completely decharacterized TAMIL……………. thank lord it isnt Stalin who is doing the role now……………

    eagerly waiting for next update………….. n entry of villavathi (meenu’s father) n saro n meenu to meet……………….

    hope my comment get posted………..

    n can i ask u smthg?

    could u pls tell about urself………… sorry if its personal………….. but ur name s nice…. TAMIZH…………..

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